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4 Questions to Ask Before Replacing Your Roof

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You may have some questions about whether your roof is ready to be replaced or not or you may not be sure what questions you should have regarding your roof. That’s okay because we have summed up the primary questions you must ask before moving forward with hiring a roofer to replace your roof.

It is important to note that you may not have the answers to all of these questions, especially if you moved into an older home in which that information was not provided to you prior to purchasing the home. Not having any information at all about your roof is highly unlikely because of home inspections.

The good news is that you can have a roofing contractor come out to your home to inspect and evaluate your roof’s condition. An expert roofer will definitely fill in the gap and have answers to the questions you are not sure of. Without further delay, below are the questions to ask:

1. When Was Your Roof Last Installed or Repaired?

Did you purchase your home with the original roof, or were any repairs made within the last few years? Regardless of what your answer is to this question, depending on the type of shingles you have and the age of your roof, you may want to have a roofer check out your roof to determine whether you still have a few more years before your roof must be replaced or just a few months.

As for when your roof would need to be replaced, that will depend on the existing structure and type of shingle you have. Asphalt shingles can hold up for 20 years, while wood shake roofs can last just a few years longer.

2. What Type of Shingles Does Your Roof Have?

This is the best next question to ask. Keep in mind that there are a plethora of materials that can be used as shingles, such as asphalt, wood or slate. While each type comes with a different warranty, harsh weather conditions like high winds or extreme cold can crack shingles made of clay.

3. How Is Your Roof Ventilated?

As you may already know, proper ventilation is essential for a healthy roofing system. A roof that lacks air flow is likely to deal with mold and mildew growth. Aside from a main vent in your roof, there are some other factors that affect how the air moves through your attic to the roof.

Here are what you would need to check in your attic:

  • A vapor barrier under the insulation and next to the ceiling to stop moisture from entering the attic.
  • A layer of insulation on the attic floor to protect the house from heat gain and loss.
  • Plenty of open, vented spaces to allow air to pass in and out freely.
  • At least one inch between the insulation and roof sheathing.

4. What Is Your Roof’s Fire Rating?

A fire rating is a system for classifying the fire resistance levels of roofing materials. These classes are labeled A, B and C. Class A materials, for instance, have the highest resistance to fire that comes from outside of the structure, and these include fiberglass asphalt composition shingles and metal roofing.

For more information about what you should know before having your roof replaced, our expert team at R.L. Hayes Roofing and Repairs would be happy to help. Contact us today if you need roof replacement or repair services in Augusta, GA and surrounding areas.

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