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Can’t Decide on An Auto Hail Repair Shop in Colorado Springs?

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Let’s be real: comparison articles like this are usually biased. When bloggers create them, they gravitate towards the option with the best affiliate commissions. In other words, the vendor’s company wins hands down. Yet, people often ask us:

How is StormWise better than other auto hail repair shops in Colorado Springs?

It’s a fair question, and while there’s no way for us to answer it entirely without bias (cause, of course, we’re the best in the industry), we didn’t want to create just another side-by-side comparison of auto hail repair. Instead, we thought we’d keep things simple and share what we learned from talking to a few customers and the benefits that you’ll only find in StormWise.

The ratings of a few hail damage repair shops in Colorado Springs:

Google Yelp Facebook
StormWise Hail Damage Repair Colorado Springs 4.8/5 (219) 4.5/5 (25) 5/5 (25)
Dentagon Colorado Springs 5/5 (11) 4.5/5 (8) – (0)
Auto Hail Zone Colorado Springs 5/5 (23) 5/5 (2) 5/5 (13)
Integrity Auto Hail Repair Colorado Springs – (0) 5/5 (3) 5/5 (4)
Elite Hail Systems Colorado Springs 4.1/5 (82) 4.5/5 (36) 4.6/5 (30)

1. Get a comprehensive hail damage repair estimate without talking with any salespeople.

“My schedule is crazy a lot of the time, and I rarely have time to chat on the phone, so I really liked being able to get a price range on my own and communicate through text.” – Nichole M. (Google Review 5 stars)

We understand sometimes you just want to know how much the repair costs and don’t want to get bothered by any pushy salespeople. That’s why we created this comprehensive Hail Damage Car Repair Cost Calculator.

We even have a step-by-step blog to show you how to take advantage of this calculator tool.

2. We promise to do whatever it takes to make it right.

“Most places I went said I’d need to have my roof replaced from the giant storm in May, but not these guys… I was honestly a little skeptical that it would come out, but it did, and it looks perfect, can’t even tell there was hail damage. Thanks guys!” – Beatrice D. (Google Review 5 stars)

When it comes to hail damage repair, there are some judgment calls that need to be made regarding the best way to fix a car.

For example, sometimes the insurance says that your roof needs to be replaced and will write their estimate calling for a replacement. Ultimately, when your insurance calls to replace a roof, it’s based on cost alone and not what’s best for the car.

“Do I really want to replace the entire roof panel on my brand new car?” you may ask.

This is when the judgment call comes into play, and we treat your car as if it were one of ours, and we’re car people, so we take this decision very seriously.

Back to the example above. Although it may be cheaper to replace the roof, most roofs can be easily fixed using paintless dent repair (PDR). PDR is also better for the customer because it’s a much quicker turnaround. You can also maintain your factory finish on the car to avoid dealing with potential warranty issues down the road, such as a leaky roof situation or worry about structural issues since your roof panel hasn’t been removed and had a new one welded on.

So if it’s our car, and that the roof panel can be fixed with paintless dent repair, we would be fixing it. Even though the insurance has called for a replacement. That’s the kind of judgment call you can count on StormWise making every time. The one we would want you to make for our car were the tables turned.

And of course it goes without saying, we will keep you posted throughout the process. And most time, we can make all the right decisions without incurring any out-of-pocket costs for you.

3. Almost never a waitlist no matter how many cars we had to handle.

“Despite having a huge new building that was pretty full of vehicles in various stages of repair, she said they can get my repairs done IMMEDIATELY and in the very small window of time I had available. Best of all, she handled every step for me including dealing w State Farm.” – Kasey E. (Google Review 5 stars)

In Colorado Springs hailstorms often occur from May to July, but sometimes start early in April and can last until September.

As a Colorado native, you probably know that when there’s a huge hail storm, automotive body shops will get backed up for months! Not only will they have a waiting list, but the repair times will extend extensively.

The difference with StormWise is that 99% of the time, we can fix a car with paintless dent repair within two weeks* of the drop-off date, and we rarely operate on a waiting list for hail repair services.

*Repair time depends on the amount of damage, the speed of the insurance in approving any estimates or supplements we may need to move forward, and whether or not there will be bodywork required. StormWise commits to giving every effort to getting cars in and out at the quickest and most efficient timeframe available.

4. We provide value even when we can’t repair your cars.

“Even though our car ended up being totaled, the team at StormWise was fantastic! They gave us a good estimate that allowed the insurance company to reevaluate the cost of repairs (by $7k!). Customer care even gave me some great tips for working with the insurer to get the most value for the vehicle, which ended up saving us thousands of dollars.” – Rob Y. (Google Review 5 stars)

If your car went through a severe storm and isn’t a particularly new model, your insurance company may decide your hail damage costs so much that your vehicle should be totaled. While you can’t change that decision, there are ways to get the best value from the situation.

We tell our customers to always negotiate your vehicle’s value.

The insurance company wants to pay out as little as possible. They will find the lowest comparable vehicles out there as a benchmark to assess your car’s Actual Cash Value (ACV). That’s why you will always want to contest that initial ACV. We advise all our customers to find three or four comparable vehicle sales and listings and send them to the insurance company.

Other benefits when you come to StormWise

StormWise is the car owners’ favorite auto hail repair option for a reason (not just in Colorado Springs, but other cities and states as well).

While our technical specialty is paintless dent repair, our business specialty is to help you navigate through all decisions related to hail damage repair for vehicles.

We are car people and we care about the car you love.

When you repair your hail damaged car at StormWise, you can always expect the following:

  • Free pick-up and drop-off.
  • Flexible schedule to fit your lifestyle.
  • Experts in paintless dent repair
    – the best way to fix auto hail damage
  • Direct help with insurance
  • Deductible coverage
    – We take it out of our own profit.
  • Free rental car.
  • Lifetime warranty on our work.
  • Fair and transparent pricing.
  • Friendly and timely communications
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.
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