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Reasons Why Rv Travel Is The Best!

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The public health concerns and travel restrictions of the last two years helped to rekindle America’s love affair with RV travel. From family road trips to nomadic lifestyles, the open road has pulled many back out to the road.

Now that the restrictions and guidelines are being lifted and we have the full array of travel options available to us again. Will we still choose an RV vacation or an RV lifestyle?


Americans have always had a love affair with wide-open spaces and the freedom of the open road. The unexpected pandemic forced us to hit the pause button and get back to the simple pleasures that have gotten lost in the last decade’s dizzying advances in technology and an endless array of indoor entertainment options.

RV travel is as popular as ever, andRV Dealershipsare reporting that the demand for new and used RVs has continued to climb every year for the last several years with no signs of slowing anytime soon. It seems that we may have simply needed a little reminder to remember all of the reasons why RV travel is the best way to see the United States.

Let’s explore a few of the top reasons that RV travel is the best way to go!

Explore The World In Your RV

Let’s start with one of the most obvious advantages of RV travel, the freedom to explore the world around you at your own pace. RV travel opens up a whole new world of opportunities to explore locations that you might not be able to enjoy when you are just flying in for a weekend or stopping by on a shore excursion from a cruise stop.

With the traditional vacation travel styles, you are often forced to limit your destination and activity choices to those that can be done in a day or two. Depending on your travel destination and mode of travel, you may find that you can only visit destinations within a certain area.

An RV vacation allows you to get beyond the common view of the tourist areas and get deep into the lesser-known areas of the National Parks or public lands. A bit of advice, if you have not decided on an RV type yet, take the time to consider where you are most likely to travel and what type of camping you plan to do. Knowing this information will help you narrow down your RV type and style options. For example, the lightweight Puma XLE toy haulers are light and agile enough to tow all your toys deep into the park, where you can then explore at will.

RV travel offers opportunities to explore beyond the usual national and state parks and public lands as well as the beaches, quaint towns, and villages, or stake out a spot at an in-town RV park. You can pick your own adventure based on what environment you would like to explore. Best of all, because you are not locked into staying at one hotel, motel, cabin, or other lodgings, you can explore a completely new location each day.

Power Down And Recharge With An RV Lifestyle

The modern world can be a stressful place. Between our laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and other high-tech devices, we are plugged into a network of millions of other people all of the time. It is hard to truly relax and fully enjoy the experience of being outdoors or visiting a park, museum, or local restaurant with your family or traveling companions.

When you are traveling in an RV, you have your home with you wherever you go. This makes it easier to carve out an area where you can plug in and connect when you need to and safely store your devices away when you are all done so that you can go out and experience real-life, knowing that your online world will be waiting right where you left it when you return. By creating a dedicated office space inside the RV, you will find it easier to leave the devices and network behind when it is time to disconnect.

Check out the latest model line-up of travel trailers from Cherokee RV. These travel trailers are designed with the comforts and conveniences a modern, active family needs to stay connected and entertained.

There are generally multiple options for connecting to the internet when parking at most RV parks and larger campgrounds. Most of these sites will provide free wifi service on-site. Depending on your location, you may be able to tap into your phone plan to connect your device to the cellular service.

Of course, if you are traveling through or parked in a remote area, you are unlikely to have a reliable internet connection during the time that you are out of range of any satellite or cellular signals. Remember, it is in these moments, when you are not able to connect to the internet, beam out selfies to your social media network, or check your email, that you will be able to truly disconnect and recharge your mental batteries.

Build Lasting Friendships

The traditional family vacation generally involves booking flights and staying in hotel rooms. This traditional travel style can leave little opportunity for meeting new friends or socializing with new people, and if the party splits up to pursue private interests for the day, it can feel pretty lonely being in an unfamiliar place, in a hotel full of strangers just passing through.

RV travel offers all of the fun and excitement of traveling to new destinations and going on new adventures, but the social nature of the RV lifestyle community means that you will never feel alone or out of place no matter where your travels take you. The RV community is unique among other hobby and lifestyle groups as it has been incredibly tight-knit and well organized from the very beginning of the RV lifestyle trend. RV travelers tend to view one another as part of the same club, and it is not uncommon for RV travelers to pull over to check on the welfare and offer help if an RV is spotted on the side of the road.

The RV community goes beyond chance meetings and roadside assistance, with a wide range of clubs, apps, forums, and online groups where users share troubleshooting advice, offer life hacks for common RV living challenges, share camping and boondocking locations, and network nomad earning opportunities for those who want to earn a living on the road. These friendly and active RV communities offer a great support system that travels with you as you roam.

Of course, not everyone is looking for a new social group when they hit the open road. In fact, there are quite a few RV travelers that prefer to travel the countryside solo. If you are one of the solitude-seeking RVers, there is no stigma. The RV lifestyle is home to both introverts and extroverts, and seasoned RV travelers are pretty skilled at discerning who is looking for social interaction and who would prefer to be left alone.

Generally, parking your RV a short distance away from the main area where the other RVs are congregated is adequate to signal that you are looking for solo, peace & quiet. Your fellow RV travelers will respect your wishes; everyone needs some time alone, and there are no judgments. Best of all, if you decide that you do want some social interaction, all you have to do is walk up to the social gathering and say hello!

Strengthen Family Ties

In today’s fast-paced world, it can seem like we never stop moving from the time we wake up in the morning until we fall back into bed at night. Work obligations, commute times, errands, hobbies, school, and the gym can keep the family moving in opposite directions all day. Once everyone is at home for the evening, there are laptops open, checking emails and paying bills, or phones and tablets being used to catch up with social media.

It is very easy to wake up one day and realize that even though you have seen your family members moving around inside your shared home, you have not actually had any interaction with them in days, maybe even weeks! This is the moment when you know it is time for a vacation.

RV travel maximizes family time while still allowing the space for every family member to use their laptops, watch television, or play video games. The magic happens when you get to the destination. Take an RV vacation to a stunning natural landscape or an exhilarating outdoor sports adventure and watch how quickly the electronic distractions are put away, and your family is in the moment together, engaging and interacting with each other and the outside world.

Reconnect With The Natural World

Now that the spell has been broken and your family members have shrugged off the technological tethers of their devices, at least for this moment, be sure to set up your outdoor seating or dining space at your RV base camp. If the seating is outside and ready for use, you and your family will be far more likely to lounge, talk, play games, or just relax and enjoy the moment outside rather than in.

This connection with the outside world, and with nature, in particular, works to balance us and can have a powerful effect on our overall mood and mental well-being. We often don’t realize how much even the smallest doses of nature can calm and balance our minds, but there is no denying the calming effect that even a short amount of time spent under an open sky can provide.

Get The Best Bank For Your Buck

We are not even going to try to put a positive spin on the fact that gas prices are high right now. That is unfortunate, and yes, it is going to raise the cost of your RV vacation a solid amount. There, now that we have got that unpleasant reality out of the way, we can talk about the fact that even after factoring in the higher gas prices, RV travel is still the most affordable option, hands down. There is no escaping the high gas costs regardless of how you choose to travel, but when you choose a traditional travel option, you will also need to pay for airfare, rental car, hotel rooms for the duration of your stay, and dining out two to three times each day.

A luxury Rockwood RV Fifth Wheel travel trailer, or a comfortable, classic Winnebago motorhome, will both offer all of the creature comforts of home along with full-service kitchens with all of the space you need to create family meals in your RV, saving you the cost of dining out multiple times daily.

Protect your budget, and save on maintenance and repair bills by purchasing an RV extended warranty when you purchase your RV or through a third-party warranty provider like RVingSolutions.

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