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Best clip-on Headphones in The Market in 2019

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A wide assortment of people tends to insert the speakers of the headphones in their ear canal for listening to music. However, it can cause immense harm to the ears in the long run. Thus, a plethora of people prefers to make use of clip-on headphones to say no to any chances of infection, soreness and treble spikes.

They are considered to be an ideal option for usage at home, at the gym or even outdoors. They boast of quality construction and supreme quality of sound and thus listening to your favorite music becomes a breeze as you opt for these products.

Such products bestow protection to the user from different kinds of gory bacteria which may lead to infection. People prefer to choose these products instead of other headphones available in the market as they do not go beyond the domain of the ear canal.

Instead, they are found to rest on the ear and let the user enjoy a harmless, comfortable and soothing listening experience.

The primary feature of these headphones is considered to be its ability to cling on the user while they are seeking participation in any sort of action-oriented movement during exercising, playing sports, jogging.

The market is filled with a variety of brands of clip-on headphones which vary in different factors such as driver size, sensitivity, impedance, to name a few. If you are planning to purchase clip-on headphones, take a look at the reviews of the best clip on headphones:

10. TCL Socl200 in-Ear Earbuds Wired Headphones

It is one of the best clip-on headphones, available in the market which offers an immersive listening experience to the users. It boasts of 12.2 audio drivers which stand out of the ordinary in offering a balanced and crystal clear sound.

Thus, regardless of the genre of music, it allows you to hear each node, along with high fidelity. In addition to this, it comes with a secure design which confers an ergonomic and comfortable fit for a long term and consistent usage. It is known to sit in the ears perfectly and ensures that you are aware of the nearby ambient noises.

With the aid of these headphones, it is possible to reject or accept the calls, switch the songs without the need to take the product out of the pocket. It is equipped with the in-line remote by which you can be in control.


  • This product is equipped with the in-built mic by which it is possible to take the calls easily.

  • The present of in-line remote ensures hassle-free switching of songs.

  • The presence of 12.2 mm audio drivers is known to be precision-engineered which offer balanced and clear sound.

  • Users can enjoy a high quality of sound with the aid of 3.5 mm audio jack.

  • It comes with unique semi-transparent ear casings, amazing finishes, and color gradient cables.

9. VC Clip Style Headphone

They are recognized to be the splash-proof headphones which boast of soft rubber ear clip which can be fitted around the outer part of the ear for holding the earbud just in the right place. It involves a reduced cut off from the pocket and it is considered to be a suitable option for sports as well as other active use.

The ear clip of this headphone is known to be adjustable, thereby ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. In addition to this, it comes with the slide mechanism which bestows five unique positions for the easy adjustment to ears of various sizes.

This headphone is equipped with the 0.53 neodymium driver which stands out of the ordinary in providing powerful sound along with bass and delivering audio of rich quality. Furthermore, it is equipped with the water-resistant design which renders protection to the headphones from certain elements.


  • These products fit in the ear perfectly and stand second to none in providing top quality of sound appropriately.

  • You do not need to carry the hassles or replacing or charging batteries as you opt for these products.

  • The earbuds and over-the-ear hooks are known to fit the ear perfectly.

  • It is a perfect product for having a great listening experience during those rough workout conditions.

  • These products feature solid construction and thus you can use these products for almost three years without encountering any hassles.

8. Panasonic- Rp-hs46e-k Slim Clip On Earphone

This clip-on earphone is considered to be ultra-compact. They boast of slim housing along with 30 mm driver unit which stands second to none in providing immensely powerful sound for those heavy beats.


  • These clip on headphones stand second to none in offering top quality of sound quality.

  • These products boast of 30 mm driver unit which confers immensely powerful sound.

  • These headphones feature the ear hook of ergonomic design by which it is possible to hold properly, comfortably, and securely.

  • They are known to be stylish in high gloss that allows you to listen to the music of your choice for a longer time duration.

7. Koss KSC75 Portable Stereophone Headphones

These clip on headphones provide a better sound experience, in comparison to the other expensive ones, available in the market. They are known to latch onto the ear of the user perfectly and thus you can listen to music during those working hours, without getting completely distracted.


  • These clip on headphones come with the sport clip design which ensures a perfect fitting around the ears.

  • The presence of pivoting earphones offers a comfortable fitting.

  • The clip on headphones is equipped with the titanium-coated drivers which stand second to none in offering accurate sound production along with a bit of distraction.

  • This product possesses neodymium iron boron magnets which provide deeply bass performance for the additional frequency response.

6. Philips Headphones SHS3300BK 27mm Drivers

It has earned a high reputation as one of the top-rated clip on headphones which offers a powerful and crisp sound. It consists of a 27mm speaker driver which bestows high comfort. You are sure to enjoy a nondistorted music listening experience with the aid of this product.


  • This clip-on headphone is equipped with the extra bass that offers a powerful sound. It ensures top quality of bass beat sound.

  • These products are designed for providing stability, comfort, and experience.

  • The presence of 27mm speaker driver stands second to none in offering big sound performance.

  • The bass beat vents of these clip on headphones enable the movement of air for ensuring a better and improved sound.

  • The presence of neodymium magnets raises the sensitivity and performance of the bass.

5. Sony MDR-Q55SL

These clip on headphones are recognized to be the perfect blend of a trendy look and advanced technology. If you prefer to have heart-pounding bass of Rock and Hip Hop, these products have gained high popularity in breathing life into the songs.

They are considered to be lighter in weight and thus they are recognized to be the integral option to seek an amazing music listening experience on the go.


  • These headphones boast of neodymium magnet and 30-mm driver which offers a clean sound along with reduced distortion.

  • Such products are known to offer a snug fit which reduces the sound leakage and produce good quality of audio.

  • These clip-on headphones come with the spring action earpiece which can fit ears of different sizes.

  • Owing to the clip-on and open-air design, these headphones are known to be headband free and thus they are not going to make any interruptions in your hairstyle.

  • These headphones come with the turbo duct of large size which provides deep and more powerful bass.

  • Every unit, present in this product has an adjustable cord, gold plated mini plug and tangle-free cord slider.

4. Womdee Slim Moving-Coil Clip-On Stereo Headphones

These clip-on headphones have become the prime choice of end-users owing to its ease of wear along with stabilized sound quality. These products come with headphone cable of 4 foot which gets connected to the device with the aid of 3.5 mm plug.


  • These clip-on headphones boast of an amazing design which reduces the troublesome wires that flap or tangle during jogging, running, working out or cycling.

  • The earbuds of these clip on headphones feature an ergonomic design which offers a snug fit.

  • These moving coil headphones have earned a high reputation in offering top quality of accurate sound reproduction along with the least distortion.

  • These clip-on headphones have the improved lithium polymer battery which provides consistent music for almost twelve play-time with a fast charge of 2.5 hours only.

  • Such products feature Hi-Fi stereo quality which stands second to none in providing crystal clear stereo sound of top quality.

3. Levin Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones

As you opt for these clip-on headphones, you can get almost twelve hours of battery for the day without any disconnects. They are recognized to be lighter in weight which provides optimum comfort. They feature foam covered and soft pads which are known to rest on the ears gently.

For many people, it is considered to be an integral part of the daily lifestyle at the office as they can listen to music and still hear people talk while wearing these headphones.

These products are loved by people owing to the in-built mic by which it is possible to answer or reject the calls easily. In addition to this, it allows you to gain control over the music options easily. Thus, this clip-on headphone is a great product for skipping songs, answering calls, and making an adjustment in volume.

It contributes to being a popular all-purpose Bluetooth headphone, primarily for those gym users. As you choose these products, you can be ensured that the earpieces are not going to fall out of your ears while you are running on the treadmill.


  • The presence of advanced Bluetooth chipset offers low latency and faster transmission.

  • You do not need to worry about wires that might tangle while working out at the gym as you choose these products.

  • These clip-on headphones are known to be sweat proof and thus they bestow optimum comfort to you.

  • They have a longer battery life, in comparison to the other products, available in the market.

2. Maxell EC-150 Wired Lightweight

It is recognized to be the top quality of clip on headphones which provide additional hours of comfort and listen to the music of your choice at the same time. You are sure to enjoy an out of the ordinary music experience as you choose these products.


  • These clip-on headphones are equipped with lighter in weight ear clips which are known to fit the ear securely.

  • These products are composed of soft-touch rubber.

  • These headphones offer advanced sound quality along with deep bass performance and.

1. Cootree Wireless Headphone

These clip-on headphones have turned out to be the prime choice of people owing to the stable signal transmission and top quality of sound. They boast of sweat-proof and lightweight design which ensures a portable usage.


  • These clip-on headphones are equipped with the advanced Bluetooth chipset which ensures lower latency along with faster transmission.

  • They are sweat-proof.

  • As you wear them in bed, the controls present on the outer part of the right earphone are not going to be triggered.

How we chose the best clip-on Headphones?

If you are planning to invest in clip-on headphones, consider the following features:

Sound quality

The sound quality of these products is a crucial factor which should be taken into account while buying the clip-on headphones. Make sure that the headphones offer a crisp and smooth sound by which it is possible to have a great listening experience.

Size of the driver

Try to opt for a driver of large size as it will ensure a better sound quality, in terms of the bass.

Ergonomic design

These products are available in various designs and build. Choose a clip-on headphone which features an ergonomic design as they will fit into the ear comfortably.

Your lifestyle

Your lifestyle and the nature of work you do is another crucial factor, you should consider while purchasing these headphones. If you are action-oriented and sporty, it is recommended to opt for waterproof and sweatproof headphones.

I am planning to purchase VC Clip Style Headphone. A friend of mine has purchased a headphone from VC Clip and he is really happy with the product. He uses it primarily while running on a trade mill. I guess his hands-on experience with these headphones have amazed me and it has all the features, I was looking for, in a headphone.

Leave a comment below and let us know which are the best clip-on headphones in your opinion and which have you picked.

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