Having someone care about you, and repeatedly show it, is one of life’s most simple pleasures. And seeing as you’re quite an empathetic and loving person, it’s time to be that kind of person in someone else’s life – pass the love around, and watch it to be returned to you tenfold, after all.

But it can be hard to find ways to show someone just how much you love them, and that you appreciate them and always want them in your life. Telling someone that you love them is all well and good, of course, but often enough you want to go the extra mile! But what would go down the best?

So, if you’re on a quest to prove to a loved one in your life that you care about them, we’ve got a quick and handy list for you to look over. If you’re in need of finding a way, other than with words, to tell someone you love and care for them, feel free to read on!


Support is something we look for most from the people in our lives. If we’re undertaking a new career path, or we’re looking to get into a new relationship, or we just have a hobby we’re excited about and want to talk about, we want the people in our lives to be receptive of our decisions. We want to be able to talk about what we love, and what we find interesting, and to have the other person be welcoming of that.

What we don’t want is for them to tell us we’re making the wrong choice, in a harsh and unconstructive manner, or to simply ignore us when they’re not interested anymore! This is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to run your relationship with someone you love, and a lot of the time we’re not even aware we’re doing it. It’ll take some effort to make a change, but it’s definitely possible to do.

Which is why being encouraging is one of the best ways to show someone you care about them, and to actually make them feel cared for. Even if you hate what they’re talking about, such as a TV show they love and you know next to nothing about, you can still listen and nod in places.

You can still contribute to the conversation, by asking them to tell you more about it, or to explain something you really don’t understand, and you’ll be able to watch as their face lights up with passion. You’ve shown an interest, and they’re going to feel a lot safer being around you because of it!


How often do you receive flowers? How often do the important people in your life receive flowers? Because they’re often quoted as one of the most romantic things you buy for a significant other, and it’s always nice to be able to present your mother with a bouquet to brighten her day, but they’re good for any and all comers!

And if you’re looking to show someone you care about them, this will be such a simple yet lovely surprise.

Visiting an online florist is easy to do, and if you’re someone with a pretty hectic schedule, it won’t take you more than a few minutes to put a bouquet of flowers on the retainer. And having flowers delivered to someone with just a lovely little note doesn’t have to be for a special occasion, so don’t let yourself think you’ll be wasting money or the other person won’t appreciate a surprise bunch of flowers.

They’re nice all the year round, no matter where we are or what we’re doing, so send some to the person you love most in your life and let them gush over the love and care that was put into them!


Being able to jet-set off to another country, or step on board a cruise boat and sail around the rivers and oceans of the world, is a big thing to do for someone else. If you buy them a surprise plane or cruise ticket, and you tell them next to nothing about the big trip coming up, they’re going to be all the more pleased when you do announce that you’re off to see the world in a couple days time.

A holiday is something we need to take a few more of, in the modern day and age, and if you plan a surprise trip for a loved one when they’ve had a very stressful time of it recently, you’ll show you care about their workload and responsibilities. You’ll show them you’re there to help ease the burden.

Of course, don’t just spring a trip like this out of nowhere. Make sure you’re headed somewhere your loved one has shown interest in, and has talked about before as being a place they wanted to visit. And make sure you’re not messing up their schedule at the same time – if they have a week off of work, and you want to surprise them then, be sure you’re not infringing on any long standing plans they already had for that week!

If you take the time and care like this, you’ll be able to prove that once again you listen to and support that person, and value their needs and interests alongside your own. In short, in a subconscious way, you’ll be able to prove that, once again, you care!


Food is often a surefire way to a person’s heart. We all need to eat, and we all love good food, and if you manage to cook something a loved one absolutely loves to chown down on, you’ll be in their good books for a long time to come.

You’ll be able to show them you care through all the time and effort it takes to put a meal together: finding the recipe, shopping for the ingredients, preparing the ingredients, actually cooking with the right mix in the right way, and then plating the dish up beautifully and succinctly.

Even if it’s something quite simple, like a bolognese or some fried chicken, they’re going to love that you took the time to make them their favourite food. Even just the act of wanting to prepare food for someone is a real clincher – it makes for a great second or third date, if that’s what you’re reading this list for!

And if it’s actually tasty and warm (because we’re not all great cooks by nature!), they’re going to love you even more for it.


Hopefully you do so on a daily basis, with little habits and efforts like these. It doesn’t take much to be happy and supportive of someone, after all! But of course, we don’t all have the time and energy to properly commit to such acts, so make sure you’re always at least telling someone you love that you love and care for them. Words go a long way in the end!

And remember, the way a person shows affection is often the way they want to receive it. If your significant other gives out hugs and cuddles all the time, there’s a good chance they’re looking for similar actions from you! Be sure to pick up on that, and start dishing out some loving that they’ll understand immediately!

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