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3 of the Highest Paying Information Technology Jobs

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It’s no secret that industries involving tech are some of the fastest expanding of any in the world. If you’re skilled at using the computer and can stay atop of a lot of information at once, you could have a very bright future ahead of you.

If that sounds like you, it might be worth looking into the highest paying information technology jobs out there in the job market. Looking at these positions (and their very high salaries) can give you something to look forward to.

Understanding what these jobs do can put you on a better path towards doing them yourself. Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Data Modelers

This isn’t the kind of modeling you may be used to hearing about, but it’s likely a lot more lucrative. Data modelers work with architects to design the way that data of various kinds is kept in computer systems.

These workers take massive amounts of digital data and information and organize it into coherent shapes. Their main goals are to increase efficiency, reduce redundancy, and make it easier for businesses and consumers everywhere to access the information they need.

Data modelers generally complete a heavy amount of IT training before starting their careers, but that time is well spent. Data modelers can take home around $100,000 a year in salary on average.

Computer Programmers

You might have a loose sense of what a computer programmer does from what you’ve seen in movies or on TV. Simply stated, a programmer works closely with software designers to write code and create the inner-working of most programs and applications that we use.

Programmers are versed in digital processing languages like C++ and Python, which means they can work fast and furious when putting computer functions together. In addition to creating new programs, programmers are often in charge of repairing and updating old ones.

There’s a wide variety of career possibilities out there for a computer programmer, and the pay for these tasks is just as varied. A computer programmer could be paid as low as $50,000 for a simple job or as much as $140,000 depending on where they work and what projects they are attached to.

Information Security Systems Manager

Safety is the name of the game in the modern era of digital communication. With the shadow of the 2016 election hacking crisis still hanging over us, the idea of cybersecurity is more important than ever.

The information security systems manager handles the topic of network security for their employer. In addition to a strong technical background, this is the kind of person who needs to be good with people and who has sharp leadership skills.

Decisions must be made swiftly and promptly in the world of cybersecurity, and the ISS manager does just that. They lead a team and are in charge of the overall digital security of all technical assets of an employer. In return for their leadership, they often see a salary of $140,000 or higher.

Is Information Technology for You?

Are you good with computers? Have strong analytical, numeracy and literacy skills for problem solving, unwavering focus and attention to detail, especially for day-to-day tasks, and the ability to work well as part of a wider team and also independently? It might be worth considering some of the highest paying information technology jobs on the job market. Doing one of these positions could get you rich quick.

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