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A Guide to the Different Types of Tactical Bipods

Are tactical bipods the key to your long-distance shots?

The best weapon is only as good as the skill of its owner. It’s no mystery that shooting practice is an essential part of owning a gun, as nobody wants to miss due to poor aim. that said, you need to consider shooting equipment and accessories, too.

If you want to learn more about the different types of tactical bipods, then this guide is for you. Keep reading to better understand the options available to you and why you should get a bipod today.


They tend to be lightweight and easily installed on a gun, making them convenient for shooters who need to move the gun quickly. Traditional bipods come in a variety of sizes and styles but typically have a few basic components: a base, one or two legs, and a swivel head.

Traditionally, the legs have been made from either alloy or steel and, depending on the firearm, can be either fixed or adjustable. Fixed bipods are more popular for rifles and shotguns, while adjustable rifle bipods are often used for air rifles and pistols. 

Grip Pods

They are able to be quickly and easily attached to the firearm and can provide excellent stability while shooting. Grip pods offer great maneuverability, allowing the user to shoot in different positions, whether prone, kneeling, sitting, or standing. A big advantage to Grip pods is the adjustable legs, which allow the bipod to be used in different environments.

Furthermore, they feature a strong grip, ensuring that the gun will stay secure in different positions. They can also be retracted with a twist of the handle. All in all, grip pods are an essential piece of tactical equipment and should be a part of every shooter’s kit.


A monopod is a great piece of equipment for both shooter stability and portability. It has been used by photographers and filmmakers for decades, but more recently it has been adopted by tactical shooters.

A monopod is essentially a single, adjustable leg that is attached to the front of a rifle. This allows the shooter to rest their arms and the rifle on the ground while they fire while reducing fatigue and providing a steady platform. Monopods come in both tripods and bipods and can be adjusted for a variety of terrain and shooting conditions.

Bipods mount to the front and rear of the rifle, providing more stability and support than a tripod, but may limit maneuverability. They are perfect for steady shots at long distances for precision shooting.

Mount Types

Tactical bipods come in a variety of mount types designed to provide the user with increased stability and accuracy when shooting from a prone, standing, or seated position.

Picatinny mounts are the most common mount type and can easily be attached to any rifle or shotgun with Picatinny rails. They are secured by either screws or levers and provide excellent stability, especially when using higher caliber rifles. 

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Tactical bipods are a critical piece of equipment for any shooter looking to increase accuracy. They offer stability and support in a variety of shooting scenarios and can even be mounted on a variety of different firearms.

Whether you need a lightweight, fixed, or adjustable bipod, there are options available to fit your unique shooting needs. Investing in a tactical bipod can help you achieve maximum accuracy and consistency in your shooting.

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