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7 Strategies to Market Your Blog and Increase Website Traffic

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According to HubSpot marketing research, marketers who focus on blogging are thirteen times more likely to get a positive return on their investment.

You know how valuable blogging can be, which is why you decided to have one.

However, if there’s no one visiting your blog, how will you get more traffic or even sales?

Hold on, don’t give up on that blog yet. What it needs is some resuscitation.

If you’re looking for qualified and reliable traffic for your blog but confused about where to start, this article is your perfect resource. Pay attention to every information and take action.

Below are 7 Strategies to start blog marketing and increase website traffic.

1. Syndicate Your Blog Posts on Different Platforms 

Content syndication is a marketing strategy in which you reshare your blog posts on established and authority platforms. It could be a media house, a network, or a different blog. Medium and LinkedIn are easy to use. You can decide to syndicate a certain number of posts per week on both platforms. Besides getting more traffic, your blog also gets more SEO value.

Here’s how to go about it:

List on Google sheets the number of articles you’d Iove to syndicate

Assign a particular number of articles per week for syndication. The number of articles will be determined by how big your blog is.

2. Connect With Other Bloggers 

Many bloggers shut down from their fellow bloggers. As with life, in blogging, “sharing is also caring.” A successful blog is a product of how influential it is in the social media world.

You must share your blog posts on famous social media outlets if you want to improve your social media attention. But, what would make a blogger or anyone share your blog posts on their channel? Well, it’s either your write up was excellent or your video was able to attract many eyeballs, or you shared their articles online, and they want to do the same.

Even if you write a viral piece, you still need social shares from online influencers before it gets viral.

Your blog also gets a quality link when you network with other bloggers. By networking, I don’t mean stalking these bloggers with daily IMs. You can interact by following them on Twitter or Facebook, or by posting a comment on their blog posts.

Your blog may catch their attention, and they may decide to add a link to your blog in their next popular blog post. And if you’re lucky, they may also share your social media updates on their channel.

3. Submit Guest Posts on Authority Blogs 

Guest blogging has become popular in the past few years. Unfortunately, many new bloggers nonchalantly ignore this marketing strategy while others do it the wrong way.

While guest blogging is a crucial link building tool, it also does more than that. Getting your blog post published on popular blogs will provide it with more referral traffic. Not only that, but having your post published on top-notch blogs also establishes your blog as an authority in the industry.

Many webmasters and bloggers have abused this strategy by using them just for link generation and SEO, which Google highly prohibits. These spammers have left pro bloggers with no choice than to reduce guest blogging to a little per month or even block it on their website.

Guest blogging is the best way to share from the traffic generated by an authority blog through your blog posts shared as a guest to boost your influence in the niche.

4. Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines 

With recent social media growth, many bloggers have switched to developing their brand in the social media world, and ignoring search engines.

I completely agree that it is good to develop your brand on different social media channels to stay relevant in the industry but should not be at the cost of forgetting traffic from organic search engines.

Top-notch blogs from all over the world generated over 60% of its traffic from search engines. Hence, before you hit the publish button, make sure you optimize your blog posts for search engine traffic.

5. Contribute to Popular Forums 

To become a great blogger, you must follow the footsteps of successful pro bloggers, right?


First off, it took these pro bloggers years of hard work and education to reach the peak of their careers, so you have no idea what they did to become a highly influential blogger.

Therefore, you need to create your own path. Nevertheless, you can follow their advice about the latest marketing strategies by going through their content or communicating with them.

Forums are an ideal place for such communication.

Many bloggers out there engage effectively with others through a forum.

6. Make an Effort to Attract Readers

As said earlier, the search engine is the highest traffic source for many successful blogs. Now, I’m not saying that your efforts as a blogger stop once you’re able to generate a good number of search engine traffic. Blogs don’t become successful when it gets a good amount of traffic but also becomes successful when they generate a good number of subscribers.

Subscribers are more important than traffic because they are for a lifetime, and traffic may change any time.

Study successful blogs. Most of them became influential, not because of the lots of traffic generated. They gained authority because of their value, which they got on the lots of subscribers received by their blog.

7. Promote Your Blog and Yourself

Along with your blog, promote yourself also. Check top internet marketers and bloggers like Neil Patel. You know him personally and through his blog, even if you’ve never met him in person. These top bloggers have become influential because they promote themselves while endorsing their blogs too.

This strategy helped them generate more friends on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels.

The Key to Blog Marketing

Many SEO strategies that help with blog marketing are available across the blogging industry. However, SEO traffic alone won’t make your blog successful.

Follow the above 7 Strategies to Market Your Blog and Increase Website Traffic, and in no time, you’ll become a successful and influential brand.

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