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Think Outside the Box: A Guide to Long and Skinny Shipping Boxes

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Shipping boxes are available in multiple types and sizes. For instance, you have the standard cube-shaped cardboard box that can be used to store various items like clothes, appliances, books, etc., –  they are mostly used for moving and storage.

On the other hand, you have long, skinny shipping boxes or something like an 84-inch cardboard box that are useful for specific products and have a higher height than width. Aside from this, a shipping box, long or small, is also categorized based on its strength, such as single-walled, double-walled, or triple-walled.

With so many options available, businesses might not even know what to pick. To simplify, the size of your shipping box comes down to the product weight, height, and width. For instance, if your business deals with long and thin products, then narrow shipping boxes are the best fit for you.

This article will discuss the benefits of large, thin shipping boxes and where to buy them. Let’s get started!

Benefits of Long Narrow Shipping Boxes

Why should you go for long packing boxes? Well, there are many products out there that cannot fit in a standard cube-shaped cardboard box, such as speakers, poles, paper rolls, etc. In such cases, a long skinny box offers the perfect packaging conditions.

Long corrugated boxes are available in different lengths and widths, ranging from 10 to 48 inches in length and 4 to 12 inches in width, perfect for odd, long-shaped items. You can also opt for Uline shipping boxes or a 72-inch cardboard box for extra strength and durability.

Another reason long, narrow shipping boxes and long shipping boxes are beneficial is that they save on freight charges. Your shipping costs depend on the overall dimensions of your box. The wider the box is, the more it’ll cost in terms of freight charges. A long shipping box can be laid flat on its back and significantly reduce freight charges and the overall shipping costs to be paid by your customer, thus, increasing satisfaction and recurring orders.

If you don’t need shipping boxes long, you can opt for shipping bags for lightweight, narrow items. These long shipping bags will provide adequate protection from the external environment, such as moisture, temperature, and grease, safely delivering your package to your customers.

Where to Buy Extra-Long Shipping Boxes?

Once you have decided on the right size for your extra-long shipping boxes, it’s time to buy them. If you are a business owner, buying your shipping long boxes or regular long boxes in bulk is the best way forward. This ensures you get discounted prices and save on shipping costs. You can check out your local stores or compare several online vendors for long boxes for shipping. This way, you can secure a better deal and reduce shipping charges.

During your research, talk directly to the representatives, and ask them about their available products and services, such as:

  • What size long skinny box do they have?
  • Do they offer other packaging materials, like tapes and adhesives?
  • Do they offer delivery service for their long shipping boxes? If yes, what are the charges?
  • Do they have a long narrow box category?
  • Can you check out their customer reviews or recent customized work about a tall, skinny box?

These questions will offer you a quick insight into the long, thin box packaging suppliers and if they are the right fit for your business based on their rates and turnaround times. It also fast-tracks the initial screening process.


Who knew a tall, skinny shipping box would benefit your business? Not only do they offer superior protection to odd-shaped objects, but they also reduce freight charges as they are shipped flat. Remember to measure your product dimensions correctly and only then order long skinny boxes in bulk. This will help shave down dimensions, reduce external packaging requirements, and keep your customers happy.

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