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Lash Lift in Fort Worth – Explaining the Process

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Ever heard of a lash lift? We do lash lift in Fort Worth as well as our Southlake office. Here is what you need to know about the process.


The process of lifting the lashes is similar to a hair perm. The solution works the same. Your lashes will be glued to a silicone rod. When the lashes are set in place and have the shape desired, a lifting solution will be applied to the lashes. After it sits for a specified amount of time, it is removed and the second solution is placed. The second solution neutralizes the chemicals and sets your lashes in place. After that one sets, the solution is removed and your lashes are gently taken off of the silicone rods.

It is very important that the person doing the lash lift in fort worth (or wherever you have it done) knows how to do it properly. Lash placement is extremely important to ensuring great results. There are different sizes of rods that you use to glue the lashes to and if you use the wrong size, you will not get the desired results. They could be too curled or not curled enough or even have a kink in the lashes if not placed correctly.


If you have long lashes but they don’t naturally curl, this is for you. If you have thick lashes but they grow in all different directions, lash lift is for you. If you like the look of lash extensions but don’t want to go in every two weeks to have them filled, this is for you. If you’re tired of using a lash curler everyday, this is for you. Lash lifts combined with lash tinting is a great way of getting a naturally pretty look without having to use mascara. Mascara CAN be used, though. It will just enhance the look even more.

What Does The Maintenance and Care Look Like?

Maintenance is so easy and simple. The lash lift only needs to be done every 6-8 weeks. Just like a regular hair perm, you don’t want to get your lashes wet 24-48 hours after it is done. Your lashes will still be setting and it could interfere with that. You also want to be careful not to sleep on your face in those first two days or else they could kink. After that time, you can wash your face as normal and apply makeup as normal.

Your lashes are always in a state of growing, dying, falling out and re-growing. Once your lashes begin to fall out and you begin to grow new lashes, you will notice them coming in as they did before. The curl will begin to diminish. A great way to prolong your lash lift results and also to make it look better is to use a lash conditioner/serum in between appointments. Using a serum will strengthen your lashes so that they do not fall out as often. Your lashes will be stronger and longer, making the lash lift look even more stunning! Ask us about the serum we sell for only $60 for a 3 month supply!


When most people think of a lash lift, they get nervous about having any chemicals applied near their eyes. Although the solution is strong, it does not damage the lashes if used properly. This is where it is important to be sure that you have an experienced tech working on your lashes. All of our DFW Microblading team is well equipped with the knowledge and expertise to be sure that the lift is done properly. We also use high quality products that are reputable.

Now you know all about lash lift in Fort Worth and Southlake! For only $75 for the lift and $25 for the tint, you will have gorgeous lashes for 6-8 weeks!

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