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5 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Promotion Strategy for Your ERP Solution

How do you get businesses to realize the huge potential your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions offer to them?

Your promotion strategy should engage your target audience, letting them know how your ERP solutions can help them with their pain points. Your promotional strategies should include content marketing that lets your prospects know that their goals are your goals.

Creating trust and authority are important factors when trying to increase high-quality leads and conversions. 

Read more to find out five of the best ERP promotional tactics for converting leads and increasing ROI.

1. Content Marketing

Attracting your target audience to ERP solutions, such as NetSuite, relies on content marketing strategies that highlight the benefits of your ERP business and displays your positive corporate culture.

Take your prospects needs into consideration, emphasizing the benefits of your ERP solutions. For example, you could mention the following benefits:

  • Improves organizational structure and business operations
  • Improves performance
  • Streamlines internal processes
  • Improves the capability of reacting to change
  • Improved customer satisfaction

These are just a few of the possible benefits of ERP solutions your content can emphasize. As long as you know your audience and offer personalized solutions, you’ll differentiate your brand from the rest.

2. Build Trust

Building trust should be the focus of your ERP promotion strategies. It’s the key to strengthening loyal relationships and increasing repeat customers. Your customers want to do business with an honest, reputable company they can trust to help them reach their goals.

The following types of promotional strategies build trust and credibility:

  • Talk about your business goals and values
  • Always deliver on your promises
  • Communicate with honesty and transparency
  • Reply to questions and concerns quickly
  • Guarantee security and privacy
  • Provide valuable, engaging content

By making these tips part of your ERP solutions promotion, you’ll strengthen customer loyalty and trust.

3. Make Your Brand Human

Humanizing your content is essential for making a connection with your prospects. Does your content get an emotional reaction from your audience?

To create an emotional connection, your content needs to be authentic and personal. For example, instead of writing facts about your business, share personal stories about your mission and passion for your business.

Also, talk about the obstacles you overcame and your struggles to become a business owner. Your personal stories put a human touch to your content.

4. Encourage Your Customers to Share Content

Encourage your customers to share how your ERP solutions helped them. By asking them to share content on their social media channels, it shows you respect and appreciate their opinions.

Not only that, sharing content on social media increases your reach and online presence.

5. Ask Your Employees to Share Your Brand

If you have a positive company culture, your employees will want to take part in your promotion strategy. They’re your greatest asset when it comes to being loyal brand promoters.

When you produce valuable content, your employees will be proud to share it. This is one of the best ways to build brand awareness.

Get Started with Your ERP Promotion Strategy

These five tips should get you started with a promotion strategy for ERP solutions. Start creating relevant and authentic content that shows the benefits of ERP integration that can help your customers solve their problems.

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