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Career Transformation: Redefine Your Personal and Professional Success

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Are you bored with your current job and wishing for something different, more exciting in your life?

What am I doing here?

Why did I decide to join this job?

Is this really what I want to do all my life?

Do you frequently find yourself asking these questions?

If so, you are on the wrong career track! It’s time to consider switching your job or career choice. To thrive in your professional life, you have to choose a career that boosts your inspiration and enhances your motivation. If this is not happening, it is an indication you need to consider a career transformation.

Career Reinvention

If you are thinking that switching careers so frequently would make you come across as an inconsistent and unprofessional person – it won’t! Consider it as your strife to test different flavours to decide which one you want to eat and make your favourite. It is better to experiment and then decide, rather than doing something your whole life which you are absolutely not motivated to.

Remember that change is mandatory. It happens sometimes by choice, sometimes not. If you feel like you have grown weary of the daily work routine, or you feel that your current career choice is not fitting for you – this means it is time for a change. Consider reinventing your career – without feeling any sort of insecurity about not landing a job if you decide to leave your present one.

One should always go where their heart is. What is the point of dragging yourself along a career line where you work only out of obligation and no personal inclination and motivation? You’ll never reach your full potential without passion and motivation. Can’t decide which career path is truly suited for you? Then, it is about time you consider career coaching.

Career coaching helps you look beyond the current role and job environment and assists you in career reinvention with a more like-kind role. Your fears pertinent to career transformation are all legitimate. In this era where getting a job – a good one – is, indeed, a blessing, rarely anyone wants to risk losing irrespective of the fact whether they enjoy doing it or not. Just the thought of it can overwhelm you tremendously. This is where career coaching and counselling come in. We help you realise the dreams of your youth and retain your confidence in the belief that your purpose is big enough to pursue and it is never too late to change – to reinvent.

Stages of Career Reinvention to Help You Define the Purpose of Your Life and Career

Career reinvention is a process that requires you to develop resilience and overcome the psychological obstacles that prevail in your mind with respect to career choices. There can be a lot of justifications lined up in your mind regarding why you should stick to your present job despite hating every minute of it. A range of fears can demotivate you from taking a daring step towards the career of your choice. However, if you are able to acquire the inspiration that you have to move towards betterment, you will be able to overcome all hinders. To address your fears, here are the stages that are involved in the process of career transformation:

Stage 1: Determination

The first stage, undoubtedly, is determination. If you are keen to bring positive change in your life and career, a determination has to be the first thing you have to acquire. There is no success without it. Start with reconciling your emotions with the core realities of your life and situation.

Accept that you have to prioritise your mental health and internal happiness over every other thing. You have to develop determination and eradicate this taboo that your like-kind job would not be able to meet your living requirements, or the change would be too risky to consider. The key to career transformation is fortitude and hard work. If you have these two things, nothing is impossible to achieve.

Stage 2: Self-Awareness and Acceptance

Determination works more like a constant support throughout the process. Self-awareness is the first proper step in the process of modifying your career. One of the reasons why you feel demotivated and burned out at your job is that you do not have a clear idea about what you want.

You might as well be determined to reinvent your career, but you may not have a clear-cut goal or objective per se. This is where you need career coaching to help you find the right direction and decide for yourself which path you want to take for yourself ahead.

It starts with gaining clarity about your current situation and reflecting on your professional experience so far. This is an attempt to listen to what your inner calling is asking you to do. It compels you to exempt everything else and think about you.You need to answer questions like:

Where I was before today?

What I have learned from life so far?

What competencies do I have?

Where I want to be?

This is the journey of self-recognition that you undergo to determine what career you are looking for, what you aspire and what kind of a shift you want. The process of self-discovery and eventually acceptance is highly important. You have to have a rather strong opinion about what you want to do and where you want to go. This is where coaching helps you converge your determination, passion, and marketability, and boosts your confidence to take the leap.

Stage 3: Vision

Vision is the entire framework of your career transformation. Your career and jobs are merely tools to help you achieve the life you want to lead. They are the means of becoming the person you want to be and the kind of experiences you want. Your contentment in your career is hugely dependent on how much meaning it has in your life and what contribution it is making to help you get closer to your vision.

Your career must be serving your life – that’s a purpose we often forget and get into the practice of serving our lives for the careers which do not make us truly happy. You shouldn’t be undergoing such a situation.

Your life quality is hugely dependent on knowing what you love doing and then doing exactly that to achieve happiness in life. If such is not the case presently, you should take a couple of steps back and ask yourself again that what you want to do and why. Purpose and vision are critical for self-exploration. Only then can you make the right decision about your career.

As Roy T. Bennett said:

“Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.”

Stage 4: Experimentation

The fourth stage in the process is bringing the newly acquired knowledge to use. Now that you are aware of what your vision is, it is the time you focus on the shortlisted areas where you can apply yourself. You need to now find the environment that meets your needs in the best possible manner and at multiple levels.

Career coaching, helps you explore different prospective gigs to experiment which of your streamlined career options suit your preferences the best. Considering the fact that every person and situation is different, you have to first think of situations hypothetically to decide whether or not this would suit you practically as well.

This precise phase in reinvention offers you an opportunity to compare your present job with that of your prospective career. Most people also fear that they have to start from scratch if they want to switch their career. Hence, they choose to remain in their comfort zone and lead an unfulfilling life. They lose any motivation they have and continue with careers that do not cast a positive impression on their life quality.

You need to remember that if you decide to switch your career line, your existing skills and experience will not go wasted. You will take these skills with you and will always be drawing on them ahead in your career in various ways.

Stage 5: Managing Risk and Developing Resilience

The fifth step is to develop resilience and tolerance for risk. When pursuing the thought of career transformation and reinvention, fearing the situation a little is only natural. But when these fears begin to obscure you from growing, it is concerning. These fears have the potential to compel you to change your decision and retreat to your comfort zone. The fear of not knowing and failure is quite evident. But, where is the fun in giving up? Ask yourself what is the worst that can happen? What resources do you need to make your decision work?

When you have answers to these questions, you will ultimately feel determined to get through it and learn to manage and curtail risk. Be open towards challenges and remain aware of the sacrifices that you need to make in the initial stages. You may have to cut down on some expenses – at least until you have a stable footing in your new career. You have to give yourself some time to adjust to the new environment and gain some experience before truly beginning to thrive. Rather than getting overwhelmed, you have to take up some proactive measures and prepare yourself before shifting the direction. Managing risks proactively is the best way to curb their occurrences.

Stage 6: Taking Action

Now, this is the final step that you need to take where you decide what career path you want to follow and how you are going to enter it. This is where you have to use all your resilience, determination and motivation to make a decision and stand by it firmly. It is the time when you direct your life towards a new turn that is utterly dependent on your willpower to continue with enthusiasm and zeal. This is the moment when you reinvent your career and choose to do what you love doing.

The action you take finalises that you are no more restricted to the chains of the job you had no motivation to continue and have found a work you truly love and deeply care about. After this journey of self-exploration and recognition, you indeed are able to know what you want for yourself. You break yourself free from the notions of what others would want or expect you do, and embrace a choice of life that is full of purpose, meaning, and inspiration.


How Sarah Jones Webinar and Group Coaching Can Help You

Effective as these mentioned stages of career reinvention are, they certainly can overwhelm you quite a bit. Your footing might stagger and motivation may falter, compelling you to give up and go back. Or, your mental turmoil can make it hard for you to determine what exactly you need to do and how. Probably, you are unable to realise that it is your current job that is making you so unhappy and you keep on wondering the reason.

We can offer you the ultimate career and life coaching that can help you put a stop to your suffering and explore your true self. We can assist you in understanding your own thoughts and ambiguities and offer the best possible career reinvention process that can help you redefine your personal and professional life and growth.

If you are constantly feeling like you have chosen the wrong industry and it is too late to change – we can assure you that you still have the opportunity to divert your career towards a better path without incurring any damage. We can help you outline your interests, passion, preferences, and skills, and assist you to begin a journey of transformation, self-discovery and identifying a working life that you feel passionate about and love to do. We can aid you in setting up a plan that boosts your motivation and builds your resilience to pursue what you always wanted to do.

Join us to get over your fears and start a completely new career, your own business or transform your existing one! Explore the career possibilities with Sarah Jones Webinar and Group Coaching and learn to overcome your stress and obstacles. We help you explore your skills and potentials and turn them into your strengths to combat any obstacle that comes between you and your dreams. We support rebooting careers, and save people from future regret that’s merely the result of a lack of motivation and assistance. So, are you ready to achieve, succeed and live a more fulfilling life?

Life is more than one chapter -start writing your next one with Sarah Jones. Reinvent your career and resilience – find what you love, love what you do. Love who you are!

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