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3 Recruiter-Approved Resume Optimization Strategies

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Impress Recruiters with a Targeted, Evidence-Based Resume

You know that having a well-written, accomplishment-driven resume is critical in a competitive recruiting environment.

Executive resume writers employ specific strategies to give their clients an edge and help them land interviews.

By applying these three proven strategies to your resume, you’ll also gain a competitive advantage:

1) Tailor Your Resume to Your Target Role

Never assume that a hiring manager will read your resume in detail.

You need to make it immediately clear that you tick all the boxes they’re looking for.

You will increase the odds that your resume will be read in its entirety by naturally incorporating language from the job description into a Key Expertise or Career Highlights section at the top of your resume.

This approach will also help it pass initial scans by applicant tracking systems.

Don’t leave it to a recruiter to infer that your skills are transferable to the role you applied for – especially if you don’t have prior industry experience!

2) Incorporate Metrics & KPIs to Build Your Credibility

Recruiters want to see that you can drive results and make a measurable impact on an organization.

Leverage specific metrics to quantify how much you were able to increase revenue, how many deals you closed, or how much you reduced operating expenses to immediately increase your credibility.

As they say, past performance is a predictor of future success.

By providing concrete evidence of your accomplishments, you’ll show a company exactly why it needs you in its organization and how you will add value.

3) Use a Classic Resume Template

Executive recruiters aren’t impressed by flashy, two-column resumes with bold colors and graphics (such a design can even work against you).

Most applicants can’t go wrong with a classic, tastefully-designed resume template, which is perceived as far more professional.

If you are trying to stand out, rest assured that quality content will always trump any formatting gimmicks applicants attempt to use.

Recruiters want to quickly understand your fit for the job – they aren’t focused on assessing your graphic design skills (unless that’s the field you’re trying to break into, of course).

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Resume Pilots is an award-winning resume writing and career coaching firm whose clients include CEOs and senior executives at the world’s leading companies.

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About Resume Pilots

Resume Pilots is an award-winning executive resume writing, career coaching, and outplacement firm. Our previous clients include CEOs and senior executives at the world’s leading companies.

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