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Applying for Loans with No Credit

Isn’t it a virtual given in the US lending market that to get a good loan you have to have a good credit score? And if you have no significant credit history at all, doesn’t that equal the same thing (or worse) as bad credit? Not necessarily! You can get good loans with no credit if you know where to look.

Don’t give up on getting approved for a loan or a credit card due to a lack of credit history. You have many options you may not even be aware of, but we at Bonsai Finance can help you located and evaluate your best offers with only a minimal amount of time and effort invested.

Can I Get Good Loans With No Credit History?

Where can I find loans with no credit required? That may sound like a trick question, but it’s not. There are many payday loans and personal installment loans available online that do not require a good credit score or any credit score at all for approval. These types of short term loans are provided by private lenders who are not constricted by the rules and regulations banks are often straightjacketed with.

The fact is, everyone starts out with zero credit history on their record, and lenders understand that. They realize that just because you’ve never had much of a chance at taking out and repaying a loan, that doesn’t mean you are incapable of doing so.

And it’s the same way with those with poor credit scores. Many times, financial situation beyond their control overwhelmed them many years ago, but they are nonetheless responsible people who have every intention of making all their payments on time.

How Do No Credit Loans Work?

How do I apply for a no-credit loan online? Easy. Just fill out a short, simple application form and click a button to wait for approval in mere seconds. Applying and getting approved aren’t the hard parts. The two key factors are finding your best offer and understand the basics of the loan-type. We’ll look at the last factor first.

A payday loan gives you only 2 to 4 weeks to come up with the money to repay it on time in one lump-sum payment. That makes is ideal for extremely short-term financial emergencies. Interest is relatively high, but loan amounts and terms are so low that it need not be a large dollar-amount of interest.

A personal loan is the second major options with short-term loans if you have no significant credit history. In this case, you can borrow more (from $500 to $5,000) for longer (3 months to over 3 years), and you repay in regular monthly installments – not all at once. For bigger financial crunches, personal loans give you a major advantage over payday loans.

How Can I Find My Best No Credit Loan Fast?

The best way to go about finding your new short-term loan is clearly to search for it online. Any other method is only going to waste valuable time and severely limit your options. But the Internet is a “big place,” and it is not practical to search it randomly or one website at a time if you want to find your absolute best loan offer.

We at Bonsai Finance make loan searching practical. You don’t have all day to sit in front of the computer, hour after hour, carefully examining every word of dozens of lender’s sites. Plus, there’s no need to do that anyway. Bonsai gives you access to powerful tools that rapidly scour the Web to select out loan offers that require not credit score and that meet your other criteria. If you are looking for loans with no credit, we can connect you to a loan today!

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