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21+ Dessert Dip Recipes

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The easiest way to enjoy an indulgent treat is to make the perfect dip. From chocolate to fruity, everyone is sure to find something they love with these Dessert Dip Recipes!

I don’t know about you, but I love a good dessert dip. Especially on hot summer days when I don’t feel like turning the oven on (because most are no bake.)

Sweet dips seem to be all the rage lately. From their ease and minimal ingredients to the endless options of dippers, easy dessert dips are the best way to serve a sweet treat at your next party.

It’s also a great way to turn your favorite dessert into a delicious dip form. I’ve seen turtle cheesecake dip, pina colada fruit dip, banana pudding dip, banana cream pie dip, monster cookie dough dip and even chocolate hummus!

Most dessert dip recipes are cream cheese dips, but some are also made with peanut butter, cool whip or marshmallow fluff. If you’ve ever gotten flack for eating raw cookie dough, I even have the perfect dessert dip to satisfy your sweet tooth! It’s safe because it doesn’t use raw eggs.

Favorite Dippers

The best part about dessert dip recipes is that you can serve just about anything to dip into them. And when it comes to easy dessert recipes, you really can’t ask for anything better.

These are some of our favorite things to dip into a creamy dip, but feel free to use your imagination and choose your favorite treat.

  • Graham crackers
  • Vanilla wafers
  • Fresh fruit like apple slices
  • Animal crackers
  • Teddy grahams
  • Fresh berries like strawberries
  • Chocolate chip cookies

S’mores Dip

This easy S’mores Dip is an easy way to make indoor s’mores without an open flame or camp fire! All you need is 3 ingredients and a hot oven!

Check out this recipe

smores dip with melted chocolate

Brownie Batter Dip

If you love licking the beaters, you are going to go bonkers over this brownie batter dip. Edible brownie batter served in a bowl.

Check out this recipe

brownie batter dip at an angle

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip Recipe

The best no-cook edible chocolate chip cookie dough dip made with cream cheese, brown sugar and mini chocolate chips.

Check out this recipe

overhead of cookie dough dip recipe with dipping options

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Dip

With only 7 ingredients and less than 10 minutes, this creamy Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Dip will become one of your new favorite easy desserts!

Check out this recipe

reeses peanut butter cup dip in a white bowl

Marshmallow Fruit Dip

This Marshmallow Fruit Dip is a creamy, sweet dip made with only four ingredients for an easy addition to your favorite fruit!

Check out this recipe

marshmallow fruit dip surrounded by fruit

Funfetti Cake Batter Dip

Sometimes called dunkaroo dip, this Funfetti Cake Batter Dip only needs 3 ingredients! Everyone will rave about this EASY nostalgic classic.

Check out this recipe

funfetti dip in a pink bowl with vanilla wafers and sprinkles

Cherry Cheesecake Dip

Creamy, rich and decadent cheesecake dip topped with sweet, plump cherries. Serve with pretzels, graham crackers or lady fingers.

Check out this recipe

overhead of cherry cheesecake dip in a blue serving dish

Chocolate Cheesecake Dip

Rich and creamy, this Chocolate Cheesecake Dip whips up in just 5 minutes with no baking required. Perfect for parties and potlucks!

Check out this recipe

graham cracker dipping into chocolate cheesecake dip

Easy Cannoli Dip

An easy Cannoli Dip recipe that you can make at home! Whip up your favorite Italian dessert right out of your kitchen.

Check out this recipe

Easter Dunkaroo Dip

DIY this classic childhood dessert! This Easter Dunkaroo Dip is easy to make, the perfect Easter dessert, and tastes just like you remember!

Check out this recipe

Whipped Peanut Butter Dip

Whipped Peanut Butter Dip is the best no-bake dessert recipe… and this one is served in an edible Chocolate Rice Krispie Treat Bowl!

Check out this recipe

Blueberry Cheesecake Dip

Creamy, rich and decadent Blueberry Cheesecake Dip topped with sweet, plump blueberries. Serve w/ pretzels, graham crackers or lady fingers!

Check out this recipe

overhead shot of blueberry cheesecake dip

Chocolate Dunkaroo Dip

Do you remember Dunkaroo dip? This easy, homemade Chocolate Dunkaroo Dip only uses 3 ingredients and it’s just as tasty as what you remember from childhood!

Check out this recipe

Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

This Fruit Dip recipe combines both a cream cheese fruit dip and a yogurt fruit dip for the most amazing dessert dip for any summer party!

Check out this recipe

Caramel Praline Cream Cheese Dip

Caramel Praline Cream Cheese Dip combines velvety cream cheese with a homemade praline sauce. Serve with apple slices, crackers or even sugar cookies!

Check out this recipe

St. Patrick’s Day Dunkaroo Dip

St. Patrick’s Day Dunkaroo Dip is a festive green color and served with Nilla Wafers, perfect for any St. Patrick’s Day party for kids or adults!

Check out this recipe

Christmas Dunkaroo Dip

Christmas Dunkaroo Dip is a sweet and easy dessert dip, make with box cake mix, whipped topping, Greek yogurt, and lots of festive sprinkles. A great last-minute Christmas recipe!

Check out this recipe

Halloween Dunkaroo Dip

This Halloween Dunkaroo Dip is a festive and easy cake batter dip that’s perfect for Halloween parties. With just a few ingredients and no baking involved, it’ll become one of your go-to Halloween desserts!

Check out this recipe

Caramel Dip

How do you make caramel even better? Add bourbon! This homemade Bourbon Caramel Sauce will take any dessert to the next level!

Check out this recipe

Pumpkin Fluff

Pumpkin Fluff is an EASY no bake fall dessert to dip graham crackers, apples, cookies or even a spoon into and enjoy all season long!

Check out this recipe

Cookie Butter

Ready to find your new favorite dessert?! This homemade version of Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter is so easy to make and ready in 5 minutes. Serving ideas and cookie suggestions included!

Check out this recipe

Storage and Freezing Dessert Dip Recipes

While most dessert dip recipes can be kept out at room temperature for several hours, it is best to keep them stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container.

More no bake dessert ideas:

No-Churn Pineapple Ice Cream

With pineapple chunks and a creamy base, this EASY no churn Pineapple Ice Cream is the treat you need in your life!

Check out this recipe

close up of pineapple ice cream cone laying on parchment paper

Apple Nachos

Apple nachos are an easy no-bake dessert featuring crunchy fresh apple slices drizzled with dreamy caramel sauce, marshmallow fluff, mini M&Ms and whipped cream.

Check out this recipe

overhead of apple nachos with marshmallow and caramel sauce
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