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HVAC vs AC: What’s the Difference?

About 90 percent of American homeowners have an air conditioner (AC) installed inside their homes. You may be wondering: what is the difference between an HVAC vs AC?

Following this guide will help you learn the difference between an AC unit and an HVAC.

Air Conditioner

Air conditioning units are systems that their job is to cool a person’s home or workplace. The AC removes any existing heat from the space. Then it filters the heat out, transforming it into cooler, comfortable air. 

How Does It Work?

Central air conditioners have two built-in coils. These coils help the unit cool down your home. Central air conditioners cool the entirety of a home.

According to The Spruce, the cooling compressor stays outside your home. The cool compressor is separate from the fanning unit, which blows cool air.

The condensing coil is outside your home. It includes the compressor, fan, and grill for the fan. There’s something called a refrigerant inside the compressor. That gets pumped and the fan dispels the circulating cool air throughout the home.

There are other AC units you can put inside your window. Those units are used to cool one room, instead of the whole house.


The abbreviation ‘HVAC’ stands for heating, ventilating, air conditioning. HVAC equipment performs cooling and heating for residential areas.  HVAC systems also provide clean, outdoor air.

The job of an HVAC is to provide a comfortable indoor temperature inside your home all year round.

How Does It Work?

Air conditioners dehumidify and cool down the inside of living spaces. It does this as the air passes over the cool coils’ surface. The ‘indoor coil’ is air to liquid heat coil, according to FSEC Energy Research Center. HVACs also have heating pumps or furnaces built inside of them and aren’t an AC unit.

How Can I Sell an HVAC?

Online marketing for HVAC companies can be tough. But don’t lose hope for your HVAC company. Online marketing for your HVAC company is important because you’ll want your company to be reputable and reliable. You’ll want homeowners to think or your company before anyone else’s.

Understanding the difference between an HVAC vs an AC will lead your customers to you.


Again, HVAC stands for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. AC stands for air conditioning. These systems are similar, but not the same. The industry uses HVACs more often than AC systems. HVACs do and have more capabilities than an air conditioning unit.

An air conditioning unit only cools down one, single room. A central air system cools down your entire house. An HVAC includes a heating pump and an AC unit. HVACs specialize in both cooling and heating a person’s home. To many companies the term HVAC and AC are synonymous. This is because the same companies perform maintenance on both units.

A fully equipped HVAC system unit includes central heating, as well as central air conditioning. But these two units come together or can be bought separately. For a split-system, the installer puts the evaporating coil inside your house. The remainder of the unit is put outside the house.

As expected, a ‘package heat pump’ will come as one, single unit with the pieces all together.


The main difference between HVAC vs AC is an AC unit only cools down a person’s home. An HVAC system does both cooling and heating of the home.

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