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Seraphina Safety Advocates for Non-Melting Bras to Elevate Safety in Thermal Environments

Seraphina Safety discusses the crucial role of flame-resistant base layers and undergarments for individuals exposed to thermal hazards.


FEBRUARY 21, 2024— Seraphina Safety, a leading manufacturer and advocate for innovative flame-resistant (FR) safety apparel, emphasizes the importance of non-melting bras and flame-resistant base layers in mitigating risks associated with extreme temperatures and/or thermal environments.

The allure of comfortable athletic wear that keeps individuals cool in extreme work environments where heat, fire and molten metal is present is undeniable. The moisture-wicking properties of lightweight garments are particularly appealing under the warmth generated by flame-resistant clothing. The reluctance to layer flame-resistant clothing is a sentiment shared by many, raising concerns about compromised safety on the job.

But why does it matter? Unknown to many, the fabrics commonly found in traditional athletic wear have the potential to melt and adhere to the skin when exposed to extreme heat hazards and/or thermal conditions. Even with outer layers designed to be flame-resistant (FR), synthetic fibers in undergarments can pose a serious threat. Additionally, these materials may release toxic fumes when subjected to fire. The absence of flame-resistant properties in these garments renders them susceptible to catching fire, leading to prolonged burning and heightened risks of severe injuries.

Seraphina Safety Apparel addresses this critical issue by offering a line of flame-resistant undergarments and base layers that combine moisture-wicking benefits and lightweight airiness of athletic wear with superior protection against heat, fire, and molten metal. This ensures individuals experience the same cooling sensation while being assured of enhanced protection in the face of potential hazards.

The significance of having the right safety gear for the job cannot be overstated, and it starts with the clothing closest to the skin. By choosing flame-resistant undergarments and base layers, individuals prioritize the safety of their skin and overall well-being.

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