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Write About It: 7 of the Greatest Benefits of Blogging

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You’ve probably seen other companies with a blog section on their business’ website and are now considering if your business needs one too. It absolutely does!

There are many benefits of having a blogging section on your company’s website. Blog posts are a great way to get the conversation going about your company’s products or services.

Having shareable content is also a great benefit of blogging for your company.

Keep reading for the seven greatest benefits of blogging for your company.

1. Fresh Content

Usually, a company’s website does not get updated as frequently as it should. This is mostly because the content won’t change so there isn’t a huge need to post anything different on your business’ website. This is where a blog comes in to give your website new and fresh content.

Without new content on your website, it will become stale and not something that people venture to look at. By having a blogging element on your website you’re adding a new and fresh component. Every time you publish a blog post you will be adding new content for future visitors.

You also want your current and potential customers to share the content on your blog to help direct traffic towards your business. If you create a super informative and entertaining blog post, then more people will want to share that with their internet following.

2. Search Engine Optimization

If you’re looking into creating a blog for your company, then you’ve probably seen search engine optimization, or SEO, being talked about frequently. You want your website to show up when people use a search engine. By posting new and relevant content you’re increasing your chances of showing up when someone searches.

SEO is something that you need to sit and think about because it requires a good strategy. You will need to pick out keywords that you can write about and will direct people to your content. A blog on your website that posts content regularly will rank higher with search engines than one that posts less frequently.

3. Create Better Client Relationships

Engaging with your customers on social media is a huge part of online marketing and branding. This is where your blog will come into play. Blogging is a conversational way to connect with current and potential clients.

You want to post good quality content that your customers will trust and enjoy reading. Another great element is the comment section on your blog post. This is where your readers can talk to you and let you know their thoughts and opinions. You should try to respond to each comment within 24 hours to keep the engagement and conversation going.

Engaging with your customers and creating relationships is the best way to keep customers coming back to you. Having a relationship with your customers means that they trust you and will want to support your business by buying your products or services.

4. Get More Traffic

As we mentioned earlier, having a blog on your company’s website will help with new content and get new traffic to your blog. A blog is a great way for more people to see your website and hopefully help you make more sales.

On the internet website traffic is very important. If no one is looking at your content, then you’re probably not going to make very much money. Posting more content on your blog is the best way to get potential leads to see your products or services.

When it comes time to design your blog for your companies’ website you may want to get in contact with some web design companies. Having a well-designed website will help to get traffic to your website and keep it there. When a person finds your website, you want it to easy for them to navigate so they aren’t confused when it comes to making a purchase or inquiry.

5. Better Brand Awareness

Having a blog component to your website is a good way to create better brand awareness. Your blog will give your followers a more personal side of you and what you have to offer.

Having good brand awareness is the difference better a customer purchasing from you or your competitor. If you’re always posting informative content and know what you’re talking about, then potential customers will trust your products or services.

A blog is a good way to put your products or services out there for many people to see. People will become more familiar with what you have to offer if they see content from you often.

6. Create Authority

Blogging is a great way to answer questions that your customers may have. A frequently asked questions blog post is also a good resource for new and existing customers who may have the same common questions.

Posting relevant and informative content will help your customers to put more trust into you and your company. If they can trust what you have to say, then they will be more likely to trust you and your products.

By using your blog to post informative content frequently, more people will use your resources as their ‘go-to’ for your specific niche. This will help you get and keep more customers in the long run.

7. More Shareable Content

Besides potential customers finding your website through a search engine, they could also find you through one of their own friends or family members. Creating shareable content for your blog will be the most important element. This is another way to help advertise what you have to offer.

Your customers can share your content so their followers can also become interested in what you have to offer. You may also find other companies linking to your blog posts which will also help you get more traffic.

Creating shareable content is important because it is also something that people want to read or engage with. You want to keep your blog fresh and exciting so if you’re making content specifically that you think people will share, then that is a great way to get more engagement.

Benefits of Blogging

Creating a blog on your company’s website will bring lots of traffic and more potential leads. The benefits of blogging are really endless. You will be able to engage with your clients and create a good relationship with them which is the most satisfying.

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