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Winterize Your Car For A Smooth Winter

The cold temperatures are coming, fall is here, and it’s time to winterize your vehicle. What are the steps to winterize your vehicle? What types of vehicle maintenance should you do? If you have a vehicle and you know the temperatures are going to drop soon, it’s best to go ahead and prepare for these colder temperatures this way your car will not let you down when you need it most.


So, should you actually winterize your vehicle? The answer is, yes. Cars are meant to withstand a lot, and they actually should make it through the entire winter with a little bit of prep. The first thing you should do is have your car serviced for these colder months. We’re not talking regular oil changes we’re talking about the challenges that come with cold weather. The battery takes more power during these cold months because it takes much more energy to start your car as the temperature drops. If you are already having issues with your battery, it is best to go ahead and replace it with a quality model so that you won’t have any issues going forward.


Your cooling system is important during the frigid temperatures. You should always have a 50/50 or 70/30 amount of antifreeze to water within your vehicle. When you take your car to be serviced you should ask the technician which best type of antifreeze there is for your car. Then, check the levels so that you can be sure that you are preparing yourself for winter. Be sure that you also get an oil change as well.


Brakes are very important when it comes to your car. Although brakes do not have more issues in the winter, you should just have them checked just in case while you are getting your car serviced. It is important to make sure you have jumper cables in your car, so why you are getting your car serviced you can ask for the jumper cables that best use for car your size. Also, general maintenance and check-up is best for all your wires, hoses, and connections under your hood.


Sometimes, your car will need to have a different set of tires because of the frigid temperatures that are coming up. Winter tires are best if you know your area receives a lot of snow and ice. Some people have all-season tires, but these tires are better if you know your car will come in contact with icy conditions. These tires are created to resist the hardening that comes with snowy conditions and they provide a better grip to the asphalt during this time. Granted, for those who are not in icy or snowy conditions may not need these types of tires. It just depends on where you are on the map during these cold months.


The technician should check your tire pressure to make sure that it is within the normal range. When you are home and before you go traveling you should be sure that you’d actually check the pressure make sure that it’s with a normal range. Sometimes and cold temperatures pressure does drop slightly, so this is just a precautionary measure. Always be sure you have properly inflated tires. Usually the car driver’s manual as the tire pressure information that will let you know what your car tires pressure should be at.


You should install windshield wipers that are durable for wintry conditions. Because not only rain falls from the sky in the winter, sometimes you may need it more durable pair of wipers. Also, it’s best to start the season with new wipers because they should be replaced every so often. While you are looking at the windshield wipers, be sure that you have enough windshield wiper fluid to withstand a whole winter. Sometimes you may have to refill the windshield wiper fluid because it is halfway or less.


Stay fully prepared during the wintertime. You should have a winter safety kit that has certain things like a flashlight, matches, flares, and ice scraper, warm clothing, perishable foods, and other things that you may need if you ever get stuck somewhere. This is just a precaution you might take because you don’t know what’s to come. It may also be helpful to keep a gallon of gas in the trunk just in case.


City Garage has been serving Dallas and Fort Worth since 1993 and is more than happy to answer any questions you may have and winterize your vehicle for you.

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