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How to Boost Your Furniture Ecommerce Store Sales

Now more than ever people are turning to the internet to do their shopping. In fact, shoppers are now making 51% of their purchases online rather than instore.

If you’re a business and you have yet to transition to selling online, then you might want to rethink your business model. Online shopping is the future, you might as well join in.

Companies like IKEA are showing the world the same is true for furniture sales. Thanks to this Swedish powerhouse, furniture ecommerce is on the rise. If you are in the furniture business and are struggling to boost your sales online, then this article is for you

Keep reading and learn some practical ways to boost your e-commerce.

1. Include Product Recommendations

Steal a page from IKEA’s playbook, and list several products which would go great with the product your online customer is purchasing. For example, if your customer is looking for the best home massage chair, it would be great to have a suggested ottoman to go with it.

When you shop online, it can be easy to have tunnel vision and see only the items you’re needing. Suggesting products to go with the item they are looking at can encourage them to browse and put more items into their shopping cart.

2. Create a Package of Products

IKEA takes the idea of product recommendations a step further, releasing entire lines of furniture to match each other. Once you purchase one piece of the line, then you feel like you need to purchase the rest.

Why not take this idea a step further and create bundles or packages of items at a reduced price? If someone is upgrading their sectional couch, chances are they could be wanting a matching armchair and coffee table. Create a package to include all of the above

Everyone loves a good sale and feeling like they are receiving a bargain. Why not give it to them?

3. Reward Returning Customers

If people feel like they have a relationship with you, then they are more likely to do business with you in the future. Take a step to build this relationship with your customers by creating a loyalty program. This way your customers will have one more incentive to return to your online store.

It’s good to point out also that customers in loyalty programs spend as much as 18% more than those who aren’t. People like knowing they’re valued and they are more likely to buy your products when they feel like they are.

4. Pass Out Some Furniture Ecommerce Perks

Another great way to increase your furniture ecommerce is to set a minimum order amount in order to receive some sort of perk. This can be anything from free shipping, to a “20% off your next purchases” coupon, to a free mug.

Again, customers love feeling like they’re getting a great deal. It can help them justify purchasing something sooner rather than later. Be generous with the perks, and people will be more generous with their pocketbooks.

Enjoy the Process

Every store is different with a different clientele and target audience. As a result, there isn’t one, cure-all solution for boosting your online furniture business.

The process is going to take time and some experimenting.

Start boosting your sales today. Pick one you think will work best for you and try out it out! Give it a few weeks and see if you don’t have a massive boost in profits.

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