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What is the Property Damage Claim Time Limit In Florida?

When your property is damaged by a natural disaster, it can turn your life upside down. Trying to figure out the damage and file the claim before the time limit is up is often complicated and overwhelming, which is why you should first call Ocean Point at (888) 824-1306; we will take care of the logistics for you and make sure you are treated fairly by your insurance company.

The time limits for filing property damage claims in Florida vary, depending on what caused the damage. Hurricane, tornado, and flood damage generally have a time limit of five years. But what if your insurance company is taking too long to resolve a claim? What if they don’t want to give you the full value of your claim, or they deny it all together? Then you can file a claim against them. It’s a lot to worry about, especially when you’re already dealing with damaged property. The time limit to file a claim against the insurance company for windstorm and hurricane damage is three years. Don’t want to keep track of all this? Call Ocean Point and we’ll do it for you! (888) 824-1306.

Common Property Damage Claims in Florida

Hurricane damage, water damage, and sinkhole damage are some of the most common types of damage in Florida that are covered by insurance. These naturally disasters can cause a lot of issues- and insurance companies don’t all cover them in the same way. It all depends on your policy, which is why you should call Ocean Point before disaster strikes, to make sure you are fully covered if you ever need to file a claim.

Ocean Point Claims Company

You can prepare yourself ahead of making any claims by calling Ocean Point, but you can also call us if you are already in the middle of an insurance claim and need help! Call (888) 824-1306.

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