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As a business owner or manager, it may be time to consider the upside to outsourcing some if not all of your company’s IT needs. While there are many potential benefits to a managed IT services model, we believe there are  4 reasons that may have the largest impact and bring the most benefit to companies like yours.

  • Improved cost management through fixed pricing and cost savings.
  • Enhanced customer service and flexibility
  • Greater IT alignment with your current business strategy.
  • Engaging and supporting digital transformation strategies.

Improved cost management through fixed pricing and cost savings.

There are not many things higher on the priority list for a manager or IT director than trying to keep costs down to enhance profits. You may erroneously believe that managed IT services will be costly for your business. However, you can not only find partners offering managed IT services for any size enterprise, but you will likely find the cost of those services to be less than your current internal resources. When utilizing an MSP, your organization will likely be presented with several options to lower your overall IT operational expense. Our customers have found that training and keeping their own in-house team can actually cost them more in the long run than outsourcing the same services to a local provider. In addition, you may also find that with internal teams you may get much less for your investment compared to outsourcing for the same talent.

Enhanced customer service.

You are the focus of attention, 24/7 for a managed IT service provider. MSPs are well-versed and focused on, security, and ensuring your network and IT infrastructure stays online. If and when you have any sort of outage or network trouble, managed IT service providers like RACK59 have staff available around the clock ready to help. Colocation and MSP providers like RACK59 also have flexible options allowing your in-house teams to also play a part in managing your network and IT infrastructure. Generally speaking, providers like RACK59 have the ability to offer you greater support, service, and security for less cost than what could be provided with an in-house team of IT professionals.

Greater IT alignment with your current business strategy.

Your desire is to grow your business, and as a vested partner in the growth of your business, it is important that your managed services provider is in tune with your business goals.  They should be working with you to align the IT assets and resources under their purview with the overall business strategy of the company. It’s imperative to meet periodically with your IT services provider to discuss your organization’s technology needs as your company grows and your needs change and evolve. Your MSP should be prepared to help you strategize, finding the best way to leverage your IT resources for your businesses long term success.

Engaging and supporting digital transformation strategies.

The meteoric rise of social media and online shopping for everything, even for doctors and construction companies, has led to a complete revamping of the way we should look at and communicate with our customers. In these new environments, competent and capable managed IT service providers can help your business position itself to win in these new spaces. Streamlining customer needs and information as well as making customer profiles available between departments can enhance communication, lead to larger sales and better customer relationships. Managed IT service companies are positioned to help you strategize how to best use and manage the data you have and how to better collect data on new and existing customers so you can continue to grow and thrive.

Is your business considering a switch to a managed services model? Here at RACK59, we believe that your success is our success. Our goal is to go above and beyond to help you thrive in today’s digital environments. Schedule a free MSP assessment or campus tour online and come see how we are securing and connecting Oklahoma businesses to the world-wide-web.

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