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9 Tips for Coming Up with Logo Design Ideas for Your Business

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How to Create a Logo that will Make Your Business Stand Out

Did you know that over 70% of consumers recognize a brand by its logo? Before any clothing is recognized, before colors are taken in, the logo is what alerts consumers of what the brand is. This means that your logo design has to be top-notch when designing for your brand.

Your logo is your brand signifier. If you have an up-and-coming business considering logo design ideas is something that you should have been doing all along. This is a cornerstone to making your brand recognizable.

Let’s take a look at logo design ideas and several tips that will help you to give your brand that identifying factor. Check out below for a couple of things you’ll want to keep in mind.

1. Less Is More

When you’re in the process of designing your logo, remember that a cluttered logo isn’t always the way to go. Many logo designs feature small details that are easily recognizable. These sharply designed logos are a little message to your consumer about who your brand is.

You don’t need a fancy design for your consumers to know who you are. Most consumers prefer it if your logo is something simple.

Consider your audience base when you’re designing your logo. What appeals most to your audience? Will a busy logo be too much for them to remember?

2. Your Colors Matter

For many companies, it is the color of your logo that alerts your consumers of what your brand is. Take into consideration some of the most popular logos for a moment. If you see a black swish, your mind goes to Nike, right?

When you’re designing your logo, remember that your audience will be drawn to the colors you choose. In many cases, those colors you pick will become your brand representation.

Choose colors that best suit the vibe that you’re going for. Take a moment to consider your brand. What colors do you see when you think about the company that you’ve built?

3. Consider The Scale

One thing that too many businesses don’t consider is that the size of your logo will constantly be in transition. You need a logo that will look good either being scaled up or scaled down. Those little details you try to put into your logo may be lost when you shrink the image.

You want a logo that is going to represent your business and be included in the important things. The last thing you need with your brand-new logo is going to lose its meaning when you change the size.

Take a look at your logo and scale it yourself before you finalize it. Will your logo still be able to be identified if you change the immediate size of it?

4. Have a Concept

Be sure you have a concept in mind for your logo. When it comes to professional logo design, you can’t be a contradiction. Your consumers don’t want to buy from a health food store that uses a photo of junk food as their logo.

Think about your product, what is it that your business sells? When creating logos and working with a professional team have a general idea in mind to relate to them.

After all, your logo is going to speak up on behalf of your team. You want to have a solid representation.

5. Look for Ideas

One great idea to keep in mind is that looking at other companies for ideas can be an asset. Before you take your concept to the professionals, consider the logos around you that you remember. What is it that draws the consumers to these logos?

Try to find a concept that will bring your brand the same notoriety that you give to other companies. Your logo should be able to draw in customers in the same way that other companies appeal to you.

6. Angle Check Your Logo

Many businesses often forget to check what happens when their logo is turned in different directions. If your logo is skewed to one side of another, can it still be recognized as being your logo? You may want to take a moment and see what the placement changes do to the logo you have in place.

If your logo becomes something completely different when it is turned, you might want to reconsider the logo designs you’ve been looking at.

7. Ask for Opinions

Always ask for the opinions of those around you when it comes to the final decision of your brand logo! Your logo is going to be one of the things that consumers are going to remember first from your business, it’s important to hear what they think.

Use trusted individuals who will give you an honest opinion. By doing this, you can eliminate any design that doesn’t catch the eye.

8. Be Prepared for Change

Of course, when you’re building your brand you have a clear image of what you expect. What you do need to remember is that things change. Usually, nothing goes according to plan.

Be ready for your logo to be the same way. While you’re working on the creation aspect of your logo it is going to evolve and change as you make your final decisions.

Prepare yourself, your logo may not look anything like what you had in mind when you first started working on it. Leave yourself room for change.

9. Make Sure It Is Unique

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of developing your logo is ensuring it is unique to your business. While it is great to get ideas from other logos, you want your consumers to recognize your brand as its own entity. Create a logo that is not a direct reflection of another.

Take opinions when you’re drafting up your options.

Your business logo is an important reflection of the company that you’ve worked so hard to build and create. You need a logo that is going to uphold that.

Get Those Logo Design Ideas Settled

Develop a logo that speaks to your brand’s identity as well as your audience. Those logo design ideas need to come from the core of your business and represent what you’re trying to say. Keep these tips in mind while you’re finalizing those details with a great marketing team by your side.

To get started building your brand and getting your business noticed, we’re ready to help you make all of those final decisions. Let’s get working on bringing your concept to the next level

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