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What’s an Alternative to Handshake B2B Sales Automation?

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B2B customers expect the same personalized sales experiences they get as consumers. Is your sales team prepared to exceed your clients’ expectations?

Sales automation apps are one way to optimize interactions with customers. You can give mobile, omnichannel service with on-demand support. If you’re one of the many businesses that previously used Handshake B2B, you need a new alternative.

Many Handshake alternatives are on the market. You only want to invest in the best option for your company. Learn more about alternatives to Handshake so you can choose the right sales automation solution.


Pepperi is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) and mobile sales solution. Users get a single platform to manage eCommerce, customer information, sales processes, and catalog orders. Pepperi offers integration with many systems, including:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • CRM
  • Accounting
  • Retail

These integrations are a main selling point for Pepperi. However, getting customer support can be difficult if any issues come up.

Pepperi is an expensive option. After the free trial period, monthly plans start at $500.


Skynamo describes itself as a field sales CRM. It offers streamlined CRM and contact management. Features include real-time reporting, automated sales analysis, and live order capturing.

Skynamo is best-suited for made-to-stock sellers with physical products and onsite order submission. However, its forms and data-entry interfaces give you limited customization. It’s not a great choice for larger companies or sales teams who want to scale quickly.

Skynamo uses a three-tier pricing system. You pay more per month to get access to more features.

For example, a basic Team plan limits one-click integration to Xero or Sage One. You need the Business package for more integration options. If you want multilingual customization or after-hours support, you need an Enterprise level plan.


RepZio is a mobile sales solution for B2B field sales reps. It lets users view products and customers, conduct inventories, and sell products from anywhere.

RepZio is one of the most economical apps for sales. Plans start at $25 per user. However, you have less functionality as well.

The RepZio app is only available for iOS. Other devices have to use the web app. The software doesn’t have CRM capabilities, and the integrations are limited.


OrderWerks is an order, catalog, and inventory management solution for B2B sales. The unified platform helps users handle, organize, track, and fulfill sales orders more efficiently.

OrderWerks is user-friendly and offers customizable customer segmentation and pricing.

The implementation process can be time-consuming, though. You need an add-on license to import data. OrderWerks has relatively few integrations, but the number is growing.

OrderWerks uses a quote-based pricing model. Basic plans start at $100 a month.

Blue Alligator SalesPresenter

SalesPresenter is the order taker app from Blue Alligator, designed for wholesalers and manufacturers. It combines catalogs with the order-taking and writing system.

SalesPresenter integrates with your ERP. It can provide up-to-date stock, pricing, and customer information to sales reps in the field.

However, SalesPresenter is only available for iPhone and iPad. After installing the app, you have to sign up for a cloud account and upload what you want to be able to download to your catalog.

The SalesPresenter app costs $26.99 to download. You pay a monthly user fee. The monthly cost is higher if you want access to more features.


OrderTaker is a field sales mobile ordering app and B2B eCommerce web store solution. It’s designed for wholesalers, manufacturers, and consumer packaged goods companies.

Features of OrderTaker include:

  • Mobile order taking
  • Mobile CRM
  • Trade promotions
  • Proof of delivery

OrderTaker has a three-tier pricing model. An Economy plan gives you unlimited SKUs, customers, price lists, catalogs, and images. You get mobile CRM functionality to view accounts, locations, contacts, and credit information.

You can upgrade to a Business plan for features like CRM and ERP API integrations, offline mode, analytics, and reporting. An Enterprise plan gives you the most robust functionality, including large-scale customizations, white labeling, and co-branding.

Why Choose OrderTaker As An Alternative To Handshake B2B?

Many apps for sales could be Handshake alternatives. But OrderTaker gives you the most features and the best value. It’s highly customizable, so you can configure a system that best fits your sales team.

Full Availability

Unlike some other sales apps, OrderTaker is available as a native Android or iOS mobile app.

Sales reps can access the app offline as well. They can still prepare orders and collect account information when they’re not connected to the internet.

Ideal For DSD

OrderTaker is an ideal sales automation app for suppliers using direct store delivery (DSD). Route Accounting DSD lets your van reps easily increase order size. The app automates processes like creating returns, sharing invoices, collecting payments, and confirming proof of delivery.

Route Accounting DSD gives your van reps a complete view of every account, including credit information. You can manage sales reps more efficiently with geo-tracked and time-stamped orders. You can see when and where your sales reps took each order.

Proof Of Delivery

The proof of delivery feature benefits your drivers and your customers. Drivers can use the app to:

  • Verify order items
  • Take customer signatures
  • Make edits
  • Provide notes
  • Collect and register returns

Customers get full visibility on deliveries. They know when the driver is on the way and an estimated time of arrival.

Trade Promotions

OrderTaker lets you configure trade promotions across all channels. A flexible interface lets you easily personalize promotions for cross-sell and upsell. You can bundle package promotions through the mobile app or the B2B eCommerce portal.

B2B eCommerce

You can give customers the ability to buy from your branded B2B eCommerce portal or app. Customers get a personalized experience. You can provide the ability to browse your extended catalog, special pricing, trade promotions, stock availability, and order history.

Easy to Use And Fully Supported

OrderTaker has an intuitive interface. It’s easy to use even for non-technical users. It can integrate with your other systems, like accounting, ERP, CRM, payment gateways, and eCommerce platforms.

If you have questions or need help, OrderTaker will address the issue within 48 hours. You can use the support forum for an immediate response from a team member. Support is available before, during, and after you implement an OrderTaker solution.

Start Using Your Sales Automation Mobile Solution

OrderTaker is a feature-rich alternative to Handshake B2B. Your sales reps have the tools to reach targets and increase performance. You can manage the sales team more efficiently.

Our users see an average 20% increase in revenue after implementing the OrderTaker platform. Contact us today to discuss how we can start customizing your sales automation solution.

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