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What to Do With Yard Waste

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Whether that classic Midwest storm made a mess in your yard or you’ve just been tossing stuff in the back shed/side of the house expecting to get rid of it soon – sometimes a yard needs a little help getting cleaned up.

Maybe there’s been times when you’re planning on repairing that lawnmower that is next to 4 tires from your old car and about 5 bags of other random things. Time flies by and the pile keeps getting bigger. Pretty soon, the pile is too big to want to deal with. The regular trash companies don’t haul those things away for you, so what to do now?

Another possible yard disaster is the classic Ozark mini tornado of 50 mph winds crashing through your yard. It throws tree limbs, branches, and leaves all over the place. It may knock down half of that old shed in your backyard and once again, you are looking at a mess and not knowing where to begin. Even if you begin cleaning this up, where does it all go?

Fret no more and call Dog Gone Junk for a free estimate on all of your yard waste removal in Springfield Missouri. It doesn’t matter if you have tires and lawnmowers to get rid of, you need all the debris from the most recent storm cleaned up, or you want better curb appeal. Our professional Dog Gone Junk crew can clean all of that up for you and haul it all away. You’ll never know it was even there.

Let us do the hard work and let us get your yard clean and looking good again. No more junk on the side of the house and no more yard waste spread everywhere. If the storm knocked down that old shed, or you just don’t want that eyesore in your backyard any longer, we can even finish knocking it down and hauling away all of the scraps.

There is no more reason to leave the yard looking a mess. Call us today at Dog Gone Junk and let us take care of your junk removal. 

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