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The Website Marketing Pro Is Excited to Release Its New Book

Dick Ingersoll, the founder of The Website Marketing Pro, has released his new book titled Real Estate Website Success. The new book is currently being offered for free.


Cedar Grove, NC, July 14, 2021– Dick Ingersoll, who is known for his effective real estate lead generation abilities, has just released a new book. Real Estate Website Success provides a four-step system to get hoards of website leads.

This book will lead to more time being spent closing successful deals, and less time chasing unproductive deals. By using the strategies mentioned in this book, you can establish yourself and stand out from the crowd.

You can learn to create an exceptional landing page for yourself that will lead to significantly more prospects, which you can then turn into sales!

There are many real estate lead generation companies, but Dick Ingersoll has time and time again taught the best lead generation for realtors through his experience and wisdom.

“I found this book so helpful that I read it again immediately after finishing it the first time.” said one realtor.

With one hundred and fifty-four pages, the book is not a terribly long read, yet every page contains crucial information that will increase the traffic for your website.

The best part about Ingersoll’s book is that it is currently FREE. Customers need only to pay for shipping and handling, and they can learn how to become a high-demand realtor for free.

“I wanted to really, truly help as many people as I can, so I decided to give my book out for free!” said Ingersoll.

This book arms realtors with knowledge that will last them a lifetime. This book can set anyone up for a successful career by teaching them how to effectively generate leads.

Ingersoll’s generosity does not stop at his free book. He also offers a FREE workshop on how to garner leads in just thirty days.

What started as a side business for Ingersoll quickly turned into something much bigger. After realizing that his first-ever website was making him some serious money, he eventually created his own SEO system that has been extremely effective.

His department has grown from 2 people into a team of 30, serving a clientele of over 1,800 in the multifamily apartment complex market, with a goal to double that in the coming year.

Ingersoll’s book is available on Amazon at This book will teach you how to transform your website from an unproductive brochure into a lead generation machine!

What are you waiting for? Get your copy for FREE today!

About Dick Ingersoll:

Dick Ingersoll is passionate about SEO and has spent his career helping businesses stand out, be unique, and make money in their niche! His particular focus is real estate, where he has had years of success in website marketing, including setting up SEO-Driven websites, generating qualified traffic to the websites, and converting leads into paying customers.

Contact Information:

Dick Ingersoll
The Website Marketing Pro, 321 Hawkins Rd, Cedar Grove, NC 27231
919 636 9623

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