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4 Ways to Improve Door Distributor Websites

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Before I swore off everything else and committed my marketing efforts to the door industry, I helped companies sell everything you could think of – x-ray guns, rubber, even feed for mini-pigs. (Fun fact: The mini-pig feed business is booming!)

But when deciding which industry to settle down with, the door industry was a no-brainer. So many distributors and manufacturers are almost PROUD to not embrace online marketing. They say they’re in a relationship business and that’s how it’s always worked.

Relationships come first, no doubt, but having killer online marketing can sure as heck lead to more relationships!

Your website needs to entice new visitors to contact you or else it’s leaking sales. After staring at door & hardware websites for the last 10 years, here are some tips to help plug some of those leaks.

TIP #1

Your company’s phone number should be prominent at the top of the website. Let its subliminal messaging whisper, “Call me… call meeeeeeeeee.”
While you’re at it, make sure there’s a bright Request Quote button like this up there too.

TIP #2

While you can and SHOULD promote your manufacturers, your website should be organized by product type.  People want to browse your site by wood doors, electronic hardware, etc. and I have the data to prove it.  Fight the urge to have your products only sorted by manufacturer or else it’s a hassle for people.

TIP #3

For the love of all things holy, DO NOT link to manufacturers’ websites!

Here’s why: let’s say a prospect is on your website and sees a product they’re interested in.  Then they click a link on your product page to go to the manufacturer’s website and learn more. And they do… and now they love this product. They need it in their life!
But then they click the Find a Distributor button on the manufacturer’s website and order the product from someone else. So YOUR website just facilitated a sale for a competitor. Booooo!

Don’t link to manufacturers’ websites.

TIP #4

DITCH the clutter.  Nowadays there are so many cool heatmapping tools, such as Crazy Egg, to show you what people like and what they completely ignore on your website. All you gotta do is run the tool, see what no one cares about, and remove it. Boom! Your website just got better.

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