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What Is Colocation Hosting and Why Should I Do It?

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If you don’t want to keep your servers in-house, look into colocation hosting! We go over all of the details and benefits of colocation hosting in this guide.

When a company has all of its data in one location, it creates the perfect conditions for disaster. As more than 40% of businesses go under after a massive data loss, colocation allows for a company to take their existing infrastructure and move it off-site. When data is stored in a secure facility, natural or manmade disasters can strike while customers connection to company servers can remain unaware.

If you’re looking to lower overhead for insurance and budgetary needs, colocation is a smart solution. Here are a few more ways that colocation helps businesses succeed.

It Provides Reliability

Data centers and colocation service providers build facilities that ensure constant connection. By investing in temperature monitoring, power monitoring, cooling, and advanced power systems, they promise their clients that data will be protected and constantly available to customers.

While the average small- to medium-sized enterprise might not be able to afford to invest in equipment to measure their systems in-house, colocation companies can. By offloading the services to professionals, small enterprises can focus on what they do best and avoid the high costs of employing high-priced IT professionals.

Expect Serious Performance

For small businesses, the costs of maintaining equipment to ensure quality performance are high. Equipment collects dust and deteriorates faster under less-than-ideal conditions. Building air filtration systems and temperature-controlled facilities are hard when data servers are housed alongside their office space.

Even the most carefully maintained office can’t compete with the kind of performance that colocation facilities allow for.

Security Matters

Data centers are designed to protect from both physical and digital breaches to their facilities. Burglars and hackers won’t easily get into these facilities without facing serious security barriers.

By having your data housed in multiple locations, fire or natural disaster won’t take your business down with it. As climate change forces businesses to change the way that they structure the way that they perform, this is one impact that can be prepared for. There’s no reason to compromise the security and safety of data when colocation is affordable and within reach.

Expect Better Performance

Data centers offer cost-effective connections thanks to the volume of clients that they work with. By working with multiple internet service providers, connections are always ported through the fastest possible pipe. Redundancy is created to avoid overload and prepared for any connection interruptions.

With the kind of on-site staffing that colocation facilities invest in, there’s no need to worry that your company is getting less than the best. Rather than having to create the budget to pay for the most talented cybersecurity and server management team in your region, leave it to them. You’ll get access to their talent for less thanks to their volume of clients.

Colocation Is Good dor Your Budget

A single hack can cause damage to your reputation, your company’s current customer base, and even lawsuits in some cases. Rather than dealing with the headache that comes with lost or mismanaged data, colocation allows you to provide the level of service your customers demand.

If you think a private server is the best solution for protecting your data, check out our guide for more information.

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