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5 Ways to Make Sure You Are Taken Care of After a Motorcycle Accident

getting care after a motorcycle accident

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If you are in search of a motorcycle accident Long Beach Attorney, then it is safe to say you may be suffering from injuries and seeking some type of compensation. An accident can take place at any time, and we are not always ready to deal with the aftermath. Knowing how to handle your accident will help your motorcycle accident Long Beach attorney quickly gather all the information they need to begin your case.

Even the most skilled motorcyclists can experience accidence. Negligent drivers need to pay the price so that they do not cause more accidents on the roadway.

Here are the 5 things you should do after your accident.

Damage and Injuries

First and foremost, assess the accident for damages and injuries. You want to make sure you document as much as you can if you are able. Quickly get to safety so that no other injuries are caused while making your assessment. Check with the other party to see if they suffered any damage. You may be feeling a rush of adrenaline after the crash. This is very normal. Be aware that this can cause lack of judgment, and mask physical pain or injuries that you may be suffering from. If you are injured in any way it is very important that you stay still and wait for emergency vehicles to arrive. Common injuries may include road burn, muscle damage, nerve damage and leg or head injuries.


Smartphones do come in handy when it comes to documenting the crash. You will want to take as many pictures as possible from a variety of angles. This will help you capture as much detail as possible and your motorcycle accident Long Beach attorney will be able to build a strong case. You will want to capture property damage, injuries and cross streets.

Exchange Information

Once emergency vehicles arrive police will be busy taking statements from each party. It will become very hectic and you may forget to get the documentation that you need for later use. It is absolutely vital that you get all the details from people who were involved in the crash. This should include names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, insurance details, vehicle make and model, license plate number and driver’s license number. Never admit any type of guilt during this exchange and make sure you remain pleasant while gathering the information. One great way to ensure you get the correct information is to print out a list from your insurance company or online, shrink the font down and fold it up in your wallet, that way you can easily pull it out, and write the answers to the questions on that sheet, knowing that you covered as many bases of information as possible.


You should always phone the police. It is very important that law enforcement is involved even if there are no injuries. Police who respond to the accident will file an official accident report which will also include a statement from you, witnesses and other drivers. These details can be used by your motorcycle accident Long Beach attorney.


Your motorcycle accident Long Beach attorney will be able to sort through the aftermath of an accident. They will take care of negotiating with insurance companies, as well as filing a personal injury lawsuit when necessary. With all of your documentation collected and an official report filed, your attorney will be able to build a case for you.

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