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Initiatives Can Use Livestream Events to Launch powerful Campaigns, here’s how

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The current pandemic is a deep wound that has negatively impacted everyone’s life in some form. Even the most razor-sharp political action committees and activists have recoiled their efforts to the extent where their only activity is no activity in order to be sensitive to those impacted by this crisis. The problem is, we have all been affected by this pandemic, and the last thing we should be doing is submitting to defeat when there are so many opportunities to rise up.

Today, people need hope. They need a break in the monotony of the four-wall chamber of quarantine. They need a positive distraction for which to focus their attention that is currently being wasted on anxiety and fear. There is no space more emotionally charged than government and politics. And this can be a rallying point for your tribe and a leadership role that you can immediately step into.

Where is that fire that sparked your revolutionary ideas and motivated you to enter the political space? Since when, as Americans, have we unanimously submitted to an obstacle only to lay down and die at a time when action was required to be taken? This pandemic and quarantine have forced virtually all organizations to cancel rallies, protests, events, forums, and debates. But sitting back and doing nothing while your support base is looking for leadership is the exact opposite of what you should be doing given the technological tools we can access in this day and age.

Live-streaming offers a powerful and turn-key mechanism to bring leadership and a new and more powerful vigor to your initiative. Any organization or leadership can thrive when times are good. Still, few have the guts or confidence to rise from the ashes of a crisis and unleash a fury of new and profound initiatives with vigor and potency. This is your opportunity to do something massive. This is your chance to rally the troops and inject meaningful ideological principles into the social DNA of your digital tribe. Live-streams are the current rallying point to launch new ideas with a more profound result-driven meaning.

When you record a live stream, you have an endless amount of content re-purposing opportunities. You can post your videos on different platforms in long and short clip variations. You can create image memes with quotes, and offer this content to your digital tribe chieftain to share among their tribes to reinforce messaging. Turn those live-streams into podcasts, launch a podcast tour for a digitized grassroots bonfire of activity. Promote hashtags, encourage followers to write blogs and articles based on the live stream, and much more.

We’ve all heard the cliché that no crisis should go to waste. Right now, you have the opportunity to use this crisis to bring value, comradery, and meaningful distraction into the lives of your followers. Give them the chance to shift their energy from focusing on anxiety and fear to a useful initiative that pulls them out of this depressing slump and injects fire into their veins. Your ideological talking points can replace the negative rhetoric your tribe is regurgitating for the talking heads on the news. Your videos and live stream can give them an alternative to Seinfeld reruns and dancing kittens videos. Your memes can replace quarantine focused dribble with meaningful images and quotes that drive change and promote a more profound thought process.

What happens next is up to you. You can lay down and die, or you can rise and lead. You can continue to be distant to a tribe of followers who need your leadership, or you can put messaging and initiatives into hyper-drive and maximize impact with no competition. And you can read this article and scroll over to the next post in your feed, or you can get on the phone with your staff and spark the next phase in your new revolution. What are you going to do?

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