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What Factors Should You Consider Before You Buy Property in Dubai?

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Buying property in Dubai is always a good idea considering everything the city has to offer, the high return on investment, the 365 days of sunshine and the million other reasons that make Dubai one of the best cities worldwide.

There are multiple options you need to consider before buying an apartment or a villa in Dubai.
These options include:

• Price
• Lifestyle
• Location
• View

These are some of the significant factors you will need to consider before buying your villa or apartment in Dubai.

pic 2 Price

As we all know, property prices have decreased significantly in the emirate and will continue to drop slowly, making it the best time to invest in Dubai. The first step for you would be to consider your budget and financing options. Many properties in Dubai now come with multiple payment plans, waivers and added value options, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth and more.

image 3 Lifestyle

Every community in Dubai is tailor-made to offer different options for different lifestyles. Are you looking for a green community? beach community? do you prefer villas in gated communities or a high-end luxury apartment within an urban bustling community? City walk, for example, is the perfect mix between a luxurious and urban lifestyle, District One MBR City offers multiple options such as luxury 1-3-bedroom residences, luxury villas and sophisticated mansions offering a luxurious but very private lifestyle to all residents.

pic 4


In Dubai, location is everything when considering housing options. Where do you want to live? In the heart of the city? Do you want something closer to the airport? How about the expo2020? When it comes to location, many Dubai residents prefer beachfront options, some desire more secluded communities with a suburban lifestyle. Dubai South is a new and up and coming community; home of the expo is located 25 minutes away from Dubai downtown. Do you want to live on a private island? BlueWaters is the ideal location for you.

pic 5


Oceanview? Sunset view? View of the impeccable Dubai skyline? Believe it or not, this is a concern for many potential buyers in this beautiful city.

The Dubai Marina skyline is one of the most beautiful skylines in the world, what’s more, impressive is the Sheikh Zayed Road skyline, with the Burj Khalifa towering over it, will all it’s might. What do you want to look at when you first wake up? Do your research and find what makes you happy.

5 Timing is also essential, you should always wait for the end of year offers from the developers who would be willing to wave certain charges or agencies that will give you a flexible payment plan, some will also manage your property for a year or more.
It’s really always a good time to invest in Dubai, make sure you know what exactly it is you’re looking for, consider your budget, lifestyle, location, and view and become a homeowner today.

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