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9 Undeniable Benefits of Using WordPress over Template

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Building a website is now easier than it’s ever been. You don’t necessarily need to go to school to pull off a site that looks clean and presentable. Sometimes it’s just a matter of patience and a little research.

Sometimes people get confused as to which platforms are the best for creating their sites. There are plenty of options that seem quick and easy but many don’t leave much room for working outside of the box.

However, WordPress has proven over the years to be a superior option over using a template.

If you’ve ever wondered why WordPress is so popular and if it’s the right choice for you keep reading.

Check out these 9 benefits of WordPress.

1. No Coding Necessary

You don’t have to worry if you have no clue where to begin with coding a website. One of the great benefits of WordPress is that you don’t actually need to code anything. There are themes, plugins, and features that you can add with a few clicks.

The web pages are edited with a visual editor that will even let you make changes in live format. This means that you see your updates in real time while you’re on the page.

You may also choose to use the editor in HTML format from the editing page. And this still allows for customization without any extra hassle.

2. Lots of Plugin Options

Plugins might not make the world go round but they are important int he virtual world. The marketplace in WordPress offers plenty of plugin options for you to add to your site.

Some template platforms don’t have plugins and others have very limited supplies. Plugins may just be one of the most creatively supportive benefits of WordPress- as they allow the choice of transforming a website into something great.

3. Easy Maintenance and Updates

There are also great security benefits of WordPress. You don’t want your site to be open to security breaches or outdated due to bugs and plugins that no longer work for your web pages.

WordPress automatically will update your site if you choose. They also send out email notifications in regards to any changes to the backend of your website, which allows you to catch any suspicious activity that you didn’t authorize.

Not to mention that most updates can be performed within seconds. This makes maintenance of the website easy and convenient.

4. Large File Uploads are Welcome

In order to customize your site, you will more than likely be adding your own multimedia. Sometimes these files tend to be rather large and don’t always transfer well after they are uploaded.

With WordPress, you are allotted a maximum upload range of 2MB to 150MB. This is the default and sometimes specifics depend on the web hosting provider that you are using.

5. SEO-Friendly

If you’re building a website then you should probably know the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is why using WordPress is a good choice. The platform has SEO in mind by making the sites easily detectable for searches in general.

Each page also comes with the option for you to add meta descriptions and titles. There are also powerful plugins, such as Yoast plugin, that help to enhance your site’s SEO readability. WordPress has more tools that you can use to make your site easier to find for internet users.

6. Leaves Room for Customization

Although you have the option for using the pre-set editors for customizing your site, you are not limited to this. You can choose to the drag-and-drop method or you can make changes to the actual template.

One of the best benefits of WordPress is that it allows you full freedom and control over the themes. You do have access to the files of the themes and are able to make your own changes if you’d like.

7. Good Customer Support

There are tons of help and support related benefits of WordPress. Firstly, there are many articles and blogs written that address sometimes the most specific FAQs. There is also endless knowledge in videos, audio files, and free courses.

And there are live support agents to assist if you are directed to an answer from one of these avenues that you may not understand. You can even reach them via online chat for your convenience.

8. E-commerce

WordPress is an amazing tool for business owners and entrepreneurs around the globe. There are sites that you can sell your goods and services through but they sometimes come with limitations for store owners.

There are plugins, such as WooCommerce, that allow you to place unlimited products and items in your online store. This is a huge benefit for people who are looking to compete with bigger e-commerce businesses.

Stores also can be organized more freely to fit a company’s specified needs. Mobile responsiveness is also a strong feature of WordPress so potential customers will get the same experience on their phones as if they use a computer.

9. Costs are Flexible

The good thing is using WordPress, itself, is actually free. So if you’d like to save some money before getting to deep into building a site that would definitely be a route for you to take. However, there are some affordable investments you can choose to make if you want to build bigger.

You can pay a website host, and most times purchase a domain from the same company. You can also purchase themes and plugins within the site. Again, these are optional and won’t interrupt you actually using WordPress.

Not Sold on the Benefits of WordPress Yet?

It’s understandable you’re still wondering is WordPress easy to use or whether it’s actually the right choice for you. There are a lot of factors to consider and somethings with, overall, come down to personal preference.

However, the benefits of WordPress listed above are not all-inclusive. There may be other features that could benefit you personally based on your specific needs. Feel free to contact us today if you have other questions or concerns in regards to making WordPress work for you.

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