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How to Design Custom-Made Backpacks for Your Company

Competition is steep when it comes to promoting your brand, but company swag can be effective when done right.

Custom made backpacks are a great way to showcase your brand because of both its usability and visibility. Be sure to make your branded backpacks worthwhile.

Are you looking to get company backpacks made for swag or employee purposes?

We show you the best ways to design your branded backpacks to stand out.

Why Custom-Made Backpacks?

When it comes to choosing the right branded giveaways for your company, you first want to consider your audience.

Custom-made backpacks fit a wide range of customers because they are useful and also can be shared.

Depending on the quality of your branded bags, they can be versatile for clients to use for a number of circumstances. Like going to the gym, wearing to school, or walking around town. We already use backpacks in our daily lives, it’s just a matter of designing yours to appeal to your audience.

Backpacks make great giveaways at events and conferences because they are useful for attendees to put all their other swag in. They are also more visible than other swag items like earbuds, mousepads, power banks, or magnets. Although these giveaways are also useful, your logo is much smaller than when displayed on someone’s back.

They’re also great items for your employees to wear at an event or on the road. This will promote your business and also make your employees easy for customers to identify in a crowd.

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Make It Worth the Cost

Don’t skimp when investing in your giveaways, especially a custom-made backpack.

If you are going to design a bag with your logo then you should create a reasonable budget for how much you’re willing to spend on each bag.

If you’re going to make it worth the cost, you should test out the product first and be sure it is going to last. You can find bulk orders for backpacks for fairly cheap, however, you’re going to find that they are also poorly made.

Cheap branded backpacks fall apart easily. The straps break and the material frays and rips. Plus, printed logos easily wear off and chip away.

This makes the money you did spend completely pointless. Most likely, your giveaway will be thrown out before they are effective as an advertisement.

It also reflects poorly on your company. If you are handing out poorly made items with your brand’s name on it, then it could be sending the message that quality control is not your company’s priority.

That said, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on your swag.

Custom bags can range from $10 to $500 per bag. We’d suggest requesting samples and proofs of the giveaways you’d like to purchase beforehand. Most companies are happy to send you a sample of the items before printing thousands for you.

Take a week or so to use the giveaway yourself. Test it out and also see how much wear and tear it can withstand.

This way you know firsthand if it’s worth the cost. You can also have some of your employees try them out and weigh in on their preferences.

Brand Your Swag

The best part about buying custom-made backpacks is that you get to put your logo on it.

Another benefit to backpacks is you have plenty of room to add your logo and further information like your website or a slogan.

Having your website on the backpack will make it easy for someone to connect with your company. You’ll also want to use your brand colors.

Keep in mind that a backpack is going to be worn. Therefore, you should consider who will be wearing the backpack and what colors are most appealing to them. If the colors are too bright, your customers may not be willing to wear them.

Don’t use colors that are not on-brand for our company. But try to keep them simple and not too overwhelming. Even though this might be eye-catching for advertisement purposes if your customer doesn’t want to wear a neon pink backpack then what’s the point?

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Choose Your Bags

There are a number of bags to choose from when it comes to customizing your giveaway.

Choosing the right bag will come down to the occasion along with the audience you are targeting.

If you have a larger audience and are on a budget, there are plenty of drawstring bags to choose from. Some of them have additional pockets and are made from higher quality materials than others.

However, if you want to ensure longterm use then you may want to buy a backpack that can be worn comfortably.

You should also consider what types of hobbies your clients are interested in. There are custom made backpacks and bags for people who enjoy hiking, golfing, journaling, exercising, and much more. If they travel a lot, you can find backpacks that are perfect for following airport protocol.

You may also consider other types of totes or duffle bags for your customers. These are great for environmentally-conscious shoppers or other occasions. Fanny packs are also making a comeback and could be perfect for the right customer.

Start Customizing Now

If you’re interested in ordering your own custom-made backpacks, then you should give yourself enough time to create the perfect one.

Ready to get started on finding and designing your company’s backpacks?

Check out our site for a wide selection of high-quality backpacks and much more.

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