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What Does HPI Clear Mean?

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If you’re browsing used cars, you may have seen the term ‘HPI Clear’ crop up on the car reports or product listings from time to time. But what does it mean – and is it a good thing?

HPI clear essentially means that the vehicle you’re hoping to buy has had an HPI Check which showed no adverse data. It is a great trust indicator and the ultimate seal of approval when buying a used car.

What Is HPI Clear?

Before a car is given a ‘HPI Clear’ rating it has to meet the following criteria:

  • Have no active finance agreement or loan secured on it

A vehicle with outstanding finance will remain the property of the finance company, meaning that the vehicle could be repossessed at any time – something which most used car buyers would want to avoid.

  • Not recorded as stolen 

A HPI report includes a Police National Computer check which will flag up if the vehicle has been recorded as stolen. This particular check is particularly useful if you’re buying from a private seller. The last thing you want is the police to knock on your door and retrieve the stolen vehicle that you’d paid thousands of pounds for.

  • Not written-off by an insurance company

If a car has previously been classified as a Category A or B write-off, it means it is unsafe and should never be returned to the road. Cars can also be classified as a total loss, meaning the cost of repair outweighed the value of the vehicle. It’s up to you whether to buy a car that has a low economic value, but it’s recommended that you completely avoid buying a car that’s been classified as unsafe by an insurance company – unless you simply want to dismantle and reuse the spare parts.

  • Hasn’t been recorded scrapped by the DVLA

If the DVLA has recorded the vehicle as having been scrapped, it means that it is no longer allowed on the road.

  • Consistent mileage readings with no discrepancies

A HPI report will show whether there are any inconsistencies in the mileage which could point to inaccurate or false mileage information. This could mean that the vehicle has clocked up a lot more miles than has been declared.

If your used car has secured a HPI Clear rating then it means it’s passed all of the above criteria with flying colours and you shouldn’t have to worry about whether the car is stolen, broken beyond repair or that you’re being duped by false advertising.

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