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How do Invisalign braces work?

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Invisalign clear aligners are a revolutionary innovation that allows you to straighten your teeth without having to put on a traditional braces. It is ideal for patients who want a simple smile but do not want to use metal brackets. However, many patients still doubt whether this treatment is worth the money.

Invisalign are special transparent aligners that fit the teeth and move them into the correct position. These aligners are often chosen by patients who would not opt ​​for traditional orthodontic treatment. However, many people make the decision to start treatment based on its costs. Find out what you should know about Invisalign braces.

What is Invisalign braces?

Invisalign braces are an innovative method of orthodontic treatment. The teeth are straightened with transparent plastic aligners. Importantly, the number of follow-up visits at the orthodontic office is much less, because the patient receives straightening aligners at home, and the aligners themselves have to be replaced every two weeks. At Invis London — an award winning dentistry, the price of Invisalign starts at just GBP 1,500.

What are the benefits of using Invisalign?

There are many advantages of Invisalign braces. These include:

comfort of use — the aligners are individually adjusted to the patient’s teeth, and are also very easy to put on and take off;

hygiene — it is very easy to maintain an appropriate level of oral hygiene by using aligners. Thorough tooth cleaning requires only removing the overlay and brushing or flushing the teeth. Then just put the cap back on;

diet — Invisalign aligners do not require any diet that would help maintain the hygiene of the apparatus and oral cavity. The patient can therefore eat both jelly beans and fudge or other products that may settle on the apparatus;

discretion — the aligners are transparent, so it is very difficult to notice them on the teeth;

quick results — the use of Invisalign aligners brings quick results, and in addition, it is worth remembering about a smaller than normal number of follow-up visits;

predictability — the effects of treatment are easy to predict, because the entire process is planned in a computer program, therefore the patient can see the effect even on the first visit;

precision — aligners are created individually for each patient, thanks to which they very slowly align the bite and the teeth return to their proper place.

What is the treatment with Invisalign braces?

Treatment takes place in several stages:

diagnostics — in the first stage, it is necessary to take, for example , panoramic X-rays , computed tomography , digital photos and jaw impressions, which are necessary to make accurate diagnostic models;

planning — the doctor creates a computer model of the dentition. Such a digital model is created using a 3D scanner and a special computer program. This allows the patient to see the effect of the treatment before starting it;

treatment — treatment consists in wearing aligners specially prepared for a given patient. Importantly, he can replace them himself every 1–2 weeks.

Remember to wear the aligners about 22 hours a day. The patient should take them off only during meals and tooth cleaning;

checkups — checkups at the orthodontist are much less frequent than in the case of traditional braces and take place every 6–8 weeks;

retention — this stage is necessary to prevent uncontrolled tooth movement after the end of treatment. In this case, the retention aligners are as comfortable and invisible as the camera itself.

What malocclusions are treated with Invisalign braces?

Almost everyone can use Invisalign braces. This type of treatment can be used for large and complex malocclusions as well as for small, delicate corrections. Treatment is therefore recommended for people with crowded teeth, undershot teeth, interdental gaps, open bite, deep bite and cross bite. The final decision on the selection of the appropriate treatment method is made by the orthodontist together with the patient.

Invisalign braces are especially recommended for adults, because they usually care about high comfort and aesthetics of the braces themselves. Youth versions of Invisalign aligners are also available.

How much does Invisalign braces cost?

Invisalign aligners are a bit more expensive than standard braces. According to the manufacturer, the cost of the Invisalign aligners can range from USD 2,000 to 6,000. However, it should be remembered that the final price depends on the specific orthodontic office that the patient decides to use. Usually it is much lower.

The price is influenced by factors such as the severity of the malocclusion or the number of aligners that will be needed by the patient throughout the treatment period. There are situations in which the price of the braces does not differ that much from standard solutions used in orthodontics. It all depends on the individual needs of the patient.


Many patients worry that treatment with Invisalign aligners will be very expensive. However, it should be remembered that the total cost depends on the city and the type and complexity of our malocclusion. Therefore, it is always worth checking the price, because the comfort of treatment is worth it.

Looking only at the average price of Invisalign aligners, you may find that their price does not differ significantly from the price of metal braces. Therefore, for many people, the prospect of free eating and the lack of difficulties in cleaning teeth is an incentive to opt for such a solution. Then it is worth seeking information on the possibilities of financing such a solution.

The price of treatment with Invisalign braces is usually provided by the orthodontist during individual talks with the patient.

How long does treatment with Invisalign braces take?

The duration of treatment with Invisalign aligners varies from patient to patient, depending on the complexity of the defect and how often the patient replaces the aligners. Before the treatment process begins, the orthodontist sets up a treatment plan. It is worth discussing the entire process with the orthodontist during consultations, thanks to which it is possible to choose the best option for a given patient. On average, treatment with Invisalign trays takes about 18 months.

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