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Top Trade Shows in California

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You can find trade shows all over the world and across the US—so why focus on California? The trade shows offered in California could be spectacular opportunities for your business. The state is stunning, with tons of sunshine and beautiful weather and many awesome locations. All over California, you will find state-of-the-art convention centers that are prime spots for trade shows. Set yourself up for success in California. Experience opportunities to network, gain education and knowledge from industry experts, learn trending data and details, and discover costs that weigh in your favor. Did we mention the gorgeous sunshine across California?

Top Trade Shows in California

Industries of all kinds choose to hold their trade shows in California. And not just in one city. Stay close to Disneyland in Anaheim. Enjoy Palm Springs. Explore San Francisco, and visit many other parts of the state.

Check out this guide to find the top trade shows in California and where you can find them. Start planning your next trade show exhibit!

Anaheim Convention Center

The Anaheim Convention Center is one of the largest convention centers in the country. It’s a top choice for global meetings and some of the biggest names in the trade show world. They provide more than 1 million square feet of space for the ultimate setup.

These are the top shows hosted here each year:

  • The NAMM Show | April 13-15, 2023 – perfect for the music industry with more than 20,000 attendees each year!
  • Medical Design and Manufacturing (MD&M) West | February 7-9, 2023 – geared toward bio-engineers, medical technology, and revolutionary tech for the medical field.
  • Southern California Facilities Expo | April 5-6, 2023 – focuses on green building facilities and communities for property managers and anyone related to the green industries.

San Diego Convention Center

The San Diego Convention Center boasts 2.6 million square feet right along the waterfront. It’s absolutely stunning and in a busy area to ensure you get the best visibility possible. San Diego Convention Center was granted the Venue of Excellence Award by the International Association of Venue Managers.

Check out these top San Diego trade shows:

  • San Diego Comic-Con International | July 19-23, 2023 – organized for charitable purposes, this is one of the largest shows in San    Diego. Loaded with entertainment, you can find everything from comics to movies and books.
  • IPC Apex Expo 2023 | January 24-26, 2023 – a top event for electronics manufacturing that brings in a global presence. Learn about trends and innovation.
  • Distributech International | February 7-9, 2023 – come together for distribution of all kinds, including utilities, technology, and more. Renewable industries take the stage with more than 12,000 attendees.

Los Angeles Convention Center

The Los Angeles Convention Center is right in the heart of downtown L.A. It’s a vibrant and exciting place in so many ways. This convention center has won a wide variety of awards over the years and has been a top choice for more than 50 years. The facility boasts 720,000 square feet of exhibit hall space.

These are the top shows at LACC:

  •  LA Blockchain Summit | November 1-3, 2023 – an exclusive trade show focused on the blockchain industry specifically related to North America. More than 50,000 people typically attend this 3-day event.
  • CINE Gear Expo | June 1-4, 2023 – brings together artists and technicians for workflow, content capture, support, and other necessary software and systems for businesses.
  • Abilities Expo 2023 | March 10-12, 2023 – Abilities Expo is designed to support people with disabilities, bringing together professionals from healthcare, families, seniors, and others to see new technology and new solutions.

Moscone Center, San Francisco

The Moscone Center is a GBAC star facility in downtown San Francisco. There are plenty of nearby attractions and hotspots plus amazing views. Their exhibit space offers more than 500,000 square feet.

Check out these trade shows hosted at the Moscone Center:

  •  Semicon West | July 11-13, 2023 – focus on the microelectronic sector with automation and various electronic designs.
  • California Dental Association Expo | September 8-10, 2023 – professionals from all over the dental industry come together to find new products, learn new things, and discover new resources.
  • Game Developers Conference | March 20 – 24, 2023 – the gaming industry event of the year with new ideas and new technology.

Pasadena Convention Center

A beautiful campus-style location, the Pasadena Convention Center offers a more laid-back setting for enjoyable events. Their space has 97,000 square feet of exhibit room.

The top shows at this center include: The California International Antiquarian Book Fair | February 10-12, 2023 – book lovers unite with new books, lots of technology, and famous authors from all over the world.

  • Groom Expo West | February 17-19, 2023 – a show all about grooming with education, handling, tools, and more for professional groomers.
  • Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) | March 9-12, 2023 – 2023 is the 20th anniversary of this open-source and software convention.

Stockton Arena

Stockton Arena is a popular venue with room for more than 50,000 guests. Known for concerts and live events, it’s a great location for conventions too.

Check out these top events:

  •  StocktonCon Winter | February 25-26, 2023 – comic and entertainment lovers come together in costume to see the latest of the season.
  • StocktonCon Summer | July 8-9, 2023 – the summer version of this comic event

Palm Springs Convention Center

Beachy vibes and 250,000 square feet make the Palm Springs Convention Center a fun spot to attend!

Top shows in this convention center include:

  • Intersect Palm Springs | February 9-12, 2023 – a dynamic mix of art and design professionals with ideas and inspiration to share.
  • Palm Springs Modernism Fall | October 21, 2023 – modernism at its finest, including architecture, art, interior design, and more.
  • NAAA Convention and Expo | December 4-7, 2023 – the largest agriculture and aviation trade show in the world.

Rabobank Arena, Theater, and Convention Center in Bakersfield

The Rabobank Arena is a stunning spot, with all kinds of amenities available to you in the greater Bakersfield area.

Top shows in Bakersfield:

  • Kevin Rush Entertainment Bridal Show | February 26, 2023 – all about wedding planning and learning more about the industry.
  • California Mathematics Council Central Symposium (CMC) | March 10-12, 2023 – Math lovers come together to transform and create change.
  • Bakersfield Women’s Business Conference (BSBC) | April 27, 2023 – Women in business join up for everything business.

Sacramento Convention Center (SAFE)

Following recent renovations, the Sacramento Convention Center is new and improved in every way. Modern, classy, with 240,000 square feet available for use.

Check out the top shows:

  • Northern California State of Reform Health Policy Conference | May 23, 2023 – political affiliates meet for health policy purposes.
  • SDDS MidWinter Convention and Expo | February 16-17, 2023 – a dental gathering and expo for the dental industry.
  • Cash Conference and Exhibition | February 22-24, 2023 – a coalition for adequate school housing and all that entails.

Ontario Convention Center

The Ontario Convention Center is a lesser-known gem with 225,000 square feet of exhibit space and plenty to offer nearby.

Check out their top shows:

  • Inland Empire National College Fair | April 25, 2023 – brings together tons of colleges and universities to strut their stuff to prospective students.
  • SoCal Gaming Expo | May 6-7, 2023 – gaming, contest, competitions, and tons of fun in the gaming industry.
  • Comic Con Revolution | May 20-21, 2023 – a comic event with talent, creators, stars, and more.

Why Attend Trade Shows in California? 

California has so much to offer. Not only is it a leading state for trade shows, but the locations are always stunning, offering amazing weather all year long. If you need reasons to attend a trade show here, consider these:

  1. California amenities are outstanding across the state.
  2. Lots of opportunities to network with industry professionals.
  3. Learn about the industry, competitors, and what’s trending.
  4. Showcase your products and services to a large audience.
  5. Generate new leads and build new relationships.

There is much to discover here, both in the state of California and in the state of your business.

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