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Top 14 Must Visit Places In Singapore – City Hall Edition (2019)

City Hall is located in the central region of Singapore and many are quick to dismiss it as a business district that is devoid of life or fun. In this City Hall Edition, we are going to debunk that! There are actually many hidden gems to explore and while they are hidden, they can be easily found if you just read on. Moreover, it’s in the central, so it’s very accessible. Here are the Top 14 Must Visit Places in City Hall Singapore!

City Hall Singapore

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LYF – Coliving Concept

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Are you familiar with the term “coworking”? Coworking spaces are quickly gaining traction in countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, America and many more and with coworking spaces, you pay a monthly/yearly fee to rent a shared office with like-minded individuals who are pursuing their own goals as they work there. It’s a great place to work, network and meet new friends. Hence, it’s no surprise that someone would soon try to introduce “coliving” and that is exactly what Lyf is doing! The coliving concept is not that much different from the coworking concept, except instead of working, you’re living there. It is basically a Millennial’s dream coliving hotel.

While it can be compared to a traditional hotel, since it offers accommodation at a price, it’s also very different from what you’d expect at a hotel at the same time. The coliving concept that Lyf is so proud of encourages connections, friendship and creating a closely-knitted community, and that’s why they have a myriad of facilites or “lyf spaces” as they’d like to call it to create unique points of interactions for you.

The moment you enter, you can tell this isn’t your typical hotel. It even feels wrong to label it a hotel. It is a unique and special concept of its own that is really worth the experience. Every social space is planned to maximise opportunity for communal activities and free events are even held regularly for residences of the coliving apartments. It truly feels like a mini village hidden right in the middle of the city.


Lyf has a myriad of interesting rooms you can check out. Their rooms are uniquely designed to suit different needs and personalities, and they all look as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. Fun Fact – Did you know, Lyf uses a mobile check in. You never have to worry about losing your key cards ever again!

One of A Kind (Studio)

The One of A Kind is perfect for couples who love to snuggle, 2 friends looking for a sleepover or even the individual who appreciates space. The room can sleep a maximum of 2 guests and the room design is modern, slightly minimalistic and functional, as it is with the rest of the spaces.

This room can incur costs from $150/night, which actually is not too bad if you think about the central location and the convenience you’ll be getting, Not to mention, have you seen how pretty the room looks? You can even go to the Lyf website and use their 360 degree room tour function if you’re not convinced.

All Together (4 Bedroom)

Travelling in a group but still appreciate privacy and down time away from socialisation? The All Together is suitable for you. As the name suggests, there are 4 bedrooms with either queen sized beds or super single sized beds. This room can sleep up to 6 guests and comes equipped with a mini living room and kitchenette. Think of it as home away from home. Always wanted to live in an apartment with your friends? Now, you can! Spend some time in the living room if you wish to hang out but when it’s time for bed, retreat back to your individual rooms.

This isn’t just for friends. If you’re heading a project and want to brainstorm for innovative and disruptive business ideas, you can definitely do that too. The room also comes equipped with an interactive display and touch screen whiteboard and to actively engage a team of up to 6 persons in a conducive setting.

There’s also a 2 bedroom version of this.

This room can be booked from $350/night.

Lyf Style (Studio)

This is another type of room that houses up to 2 guests. Equipped with a PlayStation game console, this room is perfect for the ultimate gaming experience. If you’re travelling with a group of friends and don’t wish to spend so much on the All Together, I suggest booking some One of A Kinds and booking one of the Lyf Style. That way, your friends can come over to have some fun with the console, hang out and chat before retreating back to their room for the night.

This room can be booked from $170/night.

Two Of A Kind

As the name suggests, it is quite similar to the One of A Kind, except, this has two bedrooms, with queen beds, and a communal pantry to share. This can sleep up to 4 guests, perfect for a group of 4 friends or 2 couples! You always have the privacy, but you never feel like you’re too far apart from your friends.

This room can be booked from $230/night.

Up And Down

This is one of my favourite rooms. Travelling with a friend and dislike the loneliness that comes with the night, but still appreciate your privacy and bed space? Try the Up and Down that comes with a bunk bed. The modern design of this room maximizes space and functionality, giving you everything you’d want. The only complaint you might have about this room is the possibility of you and your friend fighting over who gets which bed!

The room can be booked from $170/night.

One of A Kind (Plus)

This is another variation of the One of A Kind. Again, this is great for couples and friends or even just yourself, if you appreciate the space, except, this one comes with a kitchen!

This room can be booked from $190/night.

All Together (6 Bedroom Duplex)

Last but not least, this is the largest room that Lyf provides. Similar to the All Together (4-Bedroom), it provides a living room, kitchenette and 6 bedrooms over 2 floors. There are 3 bedrooms upstairs and another 3 downstairs, with 2 toilets on both levels. Ideal for huge groups, this duplex feels more like a villa apartment or chalet.

This room can be booked from $410/night.


This is Lyf’s floorplan. It’s pretty simple, with the lobby being at the top floor of Funan Mall. This is where you have the lobby, the laundry room and a bunch of other facilities.

Lyf has a wide variety of social spaces. Their lobby is called “Connect” and it is rightfully named as such because they value connection between guests and have set up the lobby to be a communal space for people to gather and sit and chat if they’d like. There is a free photobooth in one corner where guests can play with and even a human sized “Connect-4” game that people can try. There are also coworking spaces that residences that book if they wish to do so. They also have a super aesthetically pleasing laundry room which can double up as a great backdrop for your Instagram photos.

The lobby only uses movable furniture. That way, the lobby can be cleared out or appropriately furnished for events. Lyf often holds free events for their residences. Always check the upcoming events tab in their mobile app when you’re booking a stay to maximize your fun! They sometimes hold parties, meet ups and even talks by some really cool personalities.

Step to the staircase and you’ll find it is as tastefully decorated and designed as the rest of the hotel. This staircase leads to Level 5, which holds the communal kitchen and a mini area for people to have their meals or sit and have a chat. It’s entirely up to people. Some rooms are located on this level. Along the staircase, there is actually a ball pit where again, you can take photos or jump in with your friends. Looking to the wall opposite the stairs, it is actually a plain wall but strategically placed as such because it can double up as a wall to project movies on. Sit on the social staircase and enjoy the show!

Going up to Level 6, you can find a gym and some interesting things such as a human sized hamster wheel and a round see saw!

Lyf’s coliving concept may still be new but they’ve done it exceptionally well. The amenities are amazing. The social spaces are truly strategically and extensively planned and designed. The entire space feels fun and encourages you to explore more. Gone are the days where hotels merely serve as a place to rest your head. Once you’ve checked in, you might want to spend another 3 hours exploring the place and snapping pics before you even leave! For the amazing design, comfort and convenience, Lyf’s prices really are unbeatable. Book your stay now!

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