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How To Command The Universe With This One Powerful Statement For EVERYTHING!

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How To Command the Universe is so Simple Even a Young Child Can Use It!
And How You Can Use These Skills You Learn Today to Consistently Increase Every Area Of Your Life FOREVER!

How To Command the Universe is so simple even a young child can use it. How You Can Change Circumstances Immediately! Men will find the power in it as much as women. You will want to learn how to use this command because it can affect every area of your life successfully!

This command is one of the most powerful commands in the universe! People aren’t even aware it exists or what the command does.

“I SEE all of these pieces coming together for me Right Now, in total synchronicity and greater than I could ever imagine.”

What you are doing is moving and changing things around in your physical world experience. You do not have to wait for things to happen or see if it really happens.

Use it for everything. I have used it many times when people were working on cars and couldn’t get something loose like a hose or nut. “I SEE all of these pieces coming together for me Right Now and in total synchronicity!” Say it with meaning and power!

What this does is breaks up the energy and allows for the release of the physical form – hose, lug nut, clamp etc. and it is released IMMEDIATELY! Now when I am out watching people under the hood of a car or something I am working on I do not add “Thank You” at that instant. So you are in the middle of something that isn’t working and you just speak your word!

Children Command the Universe
Children get it immediately and use it often. A couple of years ago my daughter, my granddaughter Ava who was 6 at the time, and I was having dinner at a restaurant. The place was packed and the entire night was very long. We had been waiting for our bill for about 20 minutes., I was way past being polite. I wanted to pay and leave. I stood up and told my daughter I was going to go find someone to give us our check.

Ava, sitting quietly with her crayons and paper said, “I See all of these pieces coming together Right Now and in total synchronicity!” Thank you!

My daughter and I both looked at each other. Neither one of us had even thought about it. Within less than 1 minute the server showed up with our check and an apology for it taking so long.

Ava used it in the car once when we were taking her to her Cinderella Coach & White Horses Ride for her birthday. We were stuck in traffic and it seemed no way possible to arrive, park in the garage, and walk to the carriage by 7:00 PM. The instant she said the command out loud, in her car seat, cars moved out of our way, and we were able to switch lanes and drove directly into the parking garage, park, and arrived in time for her carriage ride.

Women and Shopping
Command the universe 
if you know what it is you want to buy,  Think about what it is. Size, color, quantity and give the universe some kind of image and then use the statement. I See all of these pieces coming together Right Now and in total synchronicity or I See all of these pieces coming together for me Right Now, in total synchronicity, and Greater than I could ever imagine! This allows for infinite possibilities. I purposely intend to be and shop at the Right Store the First Time because I don’t want to run the city looking for what I want to buy.

Business and customers. When working with a customer there are a few more powerful words that you should use to ensure that it is done fast, easy, and fun. I discovered this many years ago when working with a customer.

I always write all of my customers into success but this project took a week instead of 3 days before she was happy. That is when I discovered you can add Fast, Easy and Fun and then that will be the experience. A new project, new customer, a new business idea set the intent, the energy in motion in the direction you want to go.”I SEE all of these pieces coming together for me Right Now, Fast, Easy and Fun, and in total synchronicity!”

There are hundreds of ways to move the energy, command the universe with this statement. I am going to add one more piece to this sequence.“I See all of these pieces coming together for me Right Now, Fast, Easy and Fun, in total synchronicity and Greater Than I Could Ever Imagine!” By adding, “Greater Than I Could Ever Imagine” to your statement you allow the universe to create it for you greater than you did or could have.

This is so Powerful…have some fun and give it a try. You will be surprised every time you use it the surprises and beautiful synchronicities that show up for you.

I use it before I go into the grocery store. I have received free coffees, donuts, found money on the floor, met someone empowering for business, won things and this story goes on… Add some FUN to what looks like a mediocre day at the grocery store.

Running Late? Use this command and watch all of the traffic move out of your way and all lights are green!

Dog Walkers! Have your dog finish its business within 15 seconds!

This is so freaking cool to watch things move around in the physical world!  ~ Vivian

The Power Of Your Word!      My Words Are Filled With Prospering Power!


Would you like to know all of the powerful ways you can use these energetic commands in your personal life, family, business, and even health to have a major shift in conscious awareness and instant manifestations in the physical world, your life experience?  Take action and sign up for a 30 Minute or 1 Hour No Cost call with me and You will have my full attention. It’s so Easy and so much Fun! I look forward to speaking with you!

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Let’s have a fun, prosperous and abundant time together!


Amazing! I have never thought of that before.

You are incredible!

You are powerful. I can’t believe how light and free I feel.

I used this command when I walked my dog. 15 seconds and we were back in the house.
(“I told you. Pretty cool, isn’t it!”  Vivian 🙂

Wow!! that;s so great, yes,,,new awarenesses! Thank you so much Vivian! You are amazing!

Omg thank you sooo much Vivian!!!!!! It worked! Stephanie


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