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How to Protect Your Company Privacy With a VPN

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Your company’s information should be well-protected! Read up on how to ensure your company privacy is top-notch with a VPN.

With the average cost of a data breach now approaching $4 million, there are few companies on the planet built to withstand such a hit without problems. A business VPN can protect company privacy by delivering a secured connection to every company device, whether on-site or off-site. This allows users to avoid hacks from phishing schemes, nefarious international actors, or even competitors.

Here are a few ways that a VPN can protect your company.

Improve Cybersecurity

Secured internet connections and firewalls haven’t done enough to protect the millions of users that have been hit by attacks in recent years. Antivirus protection is only as good as the people who write it and the users who update it. A vast percentage of malware and viruses can through antivirus software without issue.

Most internet connections aren’t secure or encrypted unless data is sent through a VPN.

Using a VPN allows every user to have their data encrypted from end to end. By protecting sensitive customer and client information, internal documents, and communication between employees, VPNs can save companies money. That improved security ensures that information doesn’t leak and that companies keep company secrets intact.

Lost trade secrets can cost millions in lost revenue. Just ask Sony.

Data Sharing is Safe and Secure

Whether between colleagues or B2B, data gets shared between cohorts all the time. Without a business VPN, data is up for grabs from even the most amateur of hackers.

Files uploaded to email, storage services, or any network outside the company’s own control need to be encrypted. Using a business VPN, you can have your entire internet connection encrypted. In these cases, only the intended user with the right encryption key can decrypt and use the data.

Business VPNs help to avoid the kinds of catastrophic data breaches that have taken over the news in recent years.

International Censorship Can Hurt Productivity

If you or your staff members travel to or work from countries with internet censorship, it can make it challenging to get work done. Employees need to have every roadblock removed to ensure their work can progress and they succeed at what they do best. VPN providers not only allow for a fast connection, but users can choose locations from where their connection will appear that it’s coming from.

For companies making products or producing services banned in a certain country, this allows for smooth and easy access.

Some countries limit access to  Google, email, or even YouTube. Connecting to a U.S. or European  VPN location allows for access and full functionality without triggering censorship.

Using a VPN Can Save Your Company

Whether or not you have to deal with any of the issues above, leaving your company vulnerable to having data stolen isn’t worth the risk. A hack can lead to a complete takeover of your system for ransom or could be lead to your connection being tapped into by competitors. Rather than give up your hard work, save your company secrets with a VPN

If you’re wondering whether or not a VPN is necessary for your small business, check out our guide for tips.

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