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5 UX Design Principles for Great Website Design

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Have you ever been on a website that made you confused and frustrated? Well, you can attribute it to poor web design and poor sense of user experience (UX) design principles. An imperative term used in the world of website design today, UX is critical in designing a website that puts the user first to provide the ultimate user experience.

Many Malaysia web developers are still designing for search engine bots instead of real people, which only gets potential customers’ foot in the door. Your web design is what keeps them there or pushes them out.

To help you create a website that not only engages your target audience but also converts them, here are 5 UX design principles you should adhere to in your website design:

Employ an inverse hierarchy 

With the influx of content online, users are often dealing with information overload that causes them to scan through websites as opposed to reading them in detail.  In order to capture their attention fast before they leave the site, you need to employ an inverse content hierarchy – the important and attractive information at the top and the rest of the details below.

Visuals and infographics are also critical for conveying data or instructions to make your website scannable and appeal to your target audience. Your copywriting should then complement the visuals to deliver the message early on.

Know your audience 

You can’t design for the user without having a clear idea of who your audience is and understanding their wants and needs.  Your website design should then attempt to meet these desires of your users.

Consider some of your end-users’ feedback and incorporate and address the relevant concerns within your web design to truly design for your users.

It’s also important to keep up-to-date with current website design trends to ensure that the users can feel at home while browsing through your site.

Utilise white space

Based on the idea of ‘less-is-more’, strategically using white space in your website design is the best way to give your website a cleaner look. White space isn’t necessarily white per se, it is basically referring to empty space (which can be in a different colour) organising the various elements on your website.

With more space between your information, content and visual elements, white space makes the reading of your content more enjoyable and allows users to clearly know the key message.

When in doubt, always look to declutter your web design and keep things simple.

Keep things simple and consistent 

The last thing any users want is to take forever to figure what to do on your website, so you have to keep the design simple and easy to grasp. Make the action you want users to take apparent, instead of having them to find all of the Call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

Once you have a clear and simple design for your website, make sure it stays consistent throughout the user’s journey.  It’s disorienting for users when there’s a sudden change in the visuals or process flow, and you want to ensure that your design properly guides them.

Regardless of the industry and your goals and objectives, it’ll be wise to approach a web design company that has a strong understanding of UX design for your website project.

Give your users control

The way to provide the best experience for your user is to not be afraid to give your user as much control and flexibility as possible. Your website design should also provide users with the option to recover and undo from mistakes and cancel any unintended actions.

When users are able to control various elements on your website, they’re able to control what they experience that you can guide towards your intended result with your design, be it purchase, conversions or leads.

Engage a UX-focused website developer

To rank high on search engines and convert potential visitors on your website, the design must be based on UX principles. This is why we highly recommend that you look for a web design company who has a strong foundation in UX to create a positive user experience.

If you’re in the market for an agency like this, you can speak to our sales consultants to begin developing an effective website design today!

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