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These 5 Top Coding Languages Can Assure You a Great Career in 2019 and Beyond

Combined, the 5 biggest tech companies in the world are worth 3 trillion dollars. Add to that number all of the smaller tech companies and the number you’d get would dwarf just about any other industry on the face of the planet.

It’s no secret that tech is progressively running everything. It’s also no secret that there can be no tech sector without coding.

Per that logic, if you’re interested in making good money, you’re going to want to start learning how to write coding languages.

But where should you start? Which languages are worth learning today?

Below, we list 5 of the top coding languages to get started with.

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is an object-oriented coding language that is essential to web development. Given that businesses are spending more on their web presences, it’s a solid money-making language in today’s market.

Another great advantage to JavaScript is that it’s easy to pick up and is just a step above ultra-simple websites building languages HTML and CSS.

You can learn JavaScript for free online or on just about any college campus.

2. Python

Python has long been hailed as the best entry-level coding language. It’s simple to pick up and relatively flexible. It’s also conceptually similar to more advanced languages that are demanded by larger companies.

Like JavaScript, there are many free online resources dedicated to teaching people Python.

3. Swift

Have dreams of being the next great iOS developer? If you do,  you’re going to want to add Swift to your top coding languages list.

Swift is Apple’s proprietary coding language. It powers all of the applications that run on its devices.

There are programs that allow you to translate some simple applications from more common languages to Swift but knowing how to write Swift by hand will give you a huge boost over other candidates that are applying for iOS development gigs at firms like “asap”.

You can learn more about this company online.

4. C++

C++ is an extremely powerful language that big software firms will want to see on your resume before they hire you. If you master this language, you’ll have mastered most of the coding market.

C++ is hard to learn and would be a difficult entry-level language. That being said, if you’re up for a challenge, give it a whirl.

Your wallet stands to benefit big-time.

5. Java

Java is a top coding language that is often confused with JavaScript.

To be clear, Java is far superior to JavaScript in its applications and is much harder to learn. That being said, Java is also a much more respected and lucrative language to master.

Like C++, many development firms will want to see proficiency in Java on your resume before bringing you on.

Wrapping Up the Top Coding Languages to Learn

Now that you have an idea of what the top coding languages are, stop reading and start practicing!

The more that you try your hand at coding, the faster that you’re going to master it and your financial future. You can check out more content on our blog if you need additional inspiration.

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