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A Present for Yourself: 6 Tips to Get Healthier and Stronger This Winter

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It can be challenging to keep up with your fitness and health goals throughout the year, but it all becomes even more complicated during the winter months. As the holiday season approaches, it is only normal to feel sluggish and dream of afternoons spent cuddles up on the sofa.

However, if there is something that this year has taught us is that looking after our health is crucial. Indeed, whether you are dreaming of getting your small business off the ground or meeting your career goals, it all starts from looking after yourself. Start from the tips below.


Resistance training might not be loved by everybody in the same way, but it is crucial to look after the health of our bones and joints. Indeed, after the age of 30, we all lose just under 10% of our muscle mass every ten years.

Resistance training is the only activity that can help you keep your muscles developed, flexible, and healthy. In turn, such a powerful system can offer the right support for your bone and skeletal structure. These muscles can reduce the incidence of injuries and medical conditions.


Stretching should always be an important aspect of any of your workouts. Whether you prefer to run, joining a yoga class, or pick up weights at the gym, don’t forget to spend a considerable section of your time stretching.

During this part of the workout, you can truly focus on the importance of ensuring that your muscles are long, elastic, and strong. While stretching is not one of the aspects we consider the most during our training, it is an essential one to keep in mind if you wish to live a truly healthy lifestyle for longer.


Not all types of gym training and exercises are equally suitable for everybody. So, finding the right type for your personal preferences and fitness goals is crucial. While running and lifting weights are undoubtedly excellent ways to keep fit, they might not represent the best idea of training for everybody.

So, you might decide to try different but just as helpful disciplines. For example, yoga, pilates, and calisthenics can help you focus on flexibility, balance, and stability while improving your strength.

Additionally, these types of mindful practices allow you to get a deeper understanding and awareness of how your body works; this can be extremely useful if you are trying to stimulate smaller muscles or strengthen certain aspects.


Your nutrition and lifestyle have an incredible impact on your wellbeing and muscle mass. Therefore, if you are trying to meet your fitness goals, it is also crucial to pay special attention to what ends up on your plate.

While filling your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables is relatively easy in summer, during the winter months, it can represent a significant challenge. Indeed, it is easy to give in and opt for ready-made comfort foods and recipes.

Comfort foods are part of the holiday tradition, and saying no to them all together can be impossible. However, instead of opting for overly restrictive choices, ensure that they only make up a small percentage of the food you eat.

The rest of your diet should be made of natural, not processed, seasonal, and fresh produce. These ingredients will help you consume all the nutrients needed to look after your health in the best way.


Sometimes, a change in your lifestyle and habits is all you need to start feeling healthier and stronger. Indeed, many of the issues we all deal with today are related to how we live our daily lives. For example, a sedentary lifestyle is at the core of endless health conditions, including stress, depression, and obesity.

Instead, introducing small changes in your lifestyle might just be everything you need. For example, you might consider swapping your current desk for a standing desk. Standing desks allow you to stand up during the majority of the day, improving your posture, creativity, and morale.


Sometimes, you might just need to find the right guidance that can help you navigate the path ahead. Indeed, a change of habits and lifestyle does not always come easy, and it will require you to be consistent and work with persistence.

Looking after your health, exercising on a regular basis, and paying special attention to the ingredients in your plates might be challenging to adapt to. However, the results that will follow will be the best motivation to keep going.

In some cases, you might need professional guidance to help you identify the recovery path more suitable to your needs. Clinics such as the Southwest Scoliosis Institute are there to support you on this journey.

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