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The Top Christmas Gifts That Will Make the Holiday Season Extra Special

The Holidays are around and we’re right about the time to get together for that day of giving: Christmas. Whatever belief you have, everyone loves this holiday of cheers.

Christmas is the best time of the year. Everyone is happy, content and with the people they love. This is also the time where everyone is generous and exchange gifts for everyone.

In this holiday season, the best gifts you can give are things people can’t find in stores. Keep reading to find out more:

Why Personalized Gifts Are The Best Christmas Gifts

Among everything that you can give your loved ones, personalized gifts are the best. It tells them that you’re thinking about them and care enough about what they want.

Sure, you can save yourself the hassle and pick up something from the stores. All you need is to go to the mall for a bit or browse Amazon for 5 minutes. Even then, there are a lot of benefits to giving personalized gifts during the Holiday season.

For starters, you strengthen the connection between you and the person you give the gift to. Whether it’s your spouse, children or some friends, personalized gifts are unique. That is theirs and nobody can ever take that away from them.

You can give them a simple, nondescript cup and we’re sure they’d love it because it’s custom made. Personalized gifts are also suitable for all people. Almost all personalized gifts are awesome regardless of their age or gender.

Custom, personalized gifts also work for any occasion. Whether it’s Christmas, New Year, a wedding or an anniversary, it’s a great gift for everyone. There are many occasions where we’re not sure what to give because it can be weird for the season.

Giving away something personalized with their name on it works on any occasion. So, what gifts can you give to your loved ones that can make them feel special?

1. Personalized Utility Knives

A good gift for the men of the house is a personalized utility knife. Knives are a solid utility tool that men can use almost everywhere. Even if your man is not the gruff Ron Swanson-esque hunter, we’re sure they’ll enjoy a sharp knife.

A personalized knife can have different things on the handle that can make them enjoy it more. It can have their name on it so everyone knows it’s theirs. It can have a word or a quote you share with them.

What makes custom, personal knives great is the number of things you can do with it.

They can use it to cut some rope and other materials in the garage. They can use it to gut a fish or prepare the bait. They can even use it to carve small wooden trinkets.

It’s a great survival item that they can clip into their belts and get out of an emergency situation.

2. Engraved Coffee Mugs

We can’t talk about gifts without mentioning mugs. As common as they are, people still get emotionally attached to these gifts.

Another great pick for everyone in the family or the office is a nice engraved mug. From your favorite teacher to a gift for your subordinates, engraved mugs are an easy pick. Everyone likes to drink their favorite beverage in the morning and they will love a gorgeous mug.

During Christmas time, give them mugs with beautiful engravings. For your workmates, give them named mugs so nobody else uses their mug every again. For your parents, tell them that they’re number one with a custom engraving.

Personalized mugs with engraving are a great way to start the day. Put special messages for your loved ones outside and inspire them to a better time ahead. Give them something funny or witty and make them giggle in privacy with their cup of joe.

A great way to use personalized mugs are in-jokes. Engrave jokes on your mug that only you and the other person knows. These can be a good point of communication, telling them that you care.

Print a shared quote that you guys know from your favorite tv shows. Give them a mug with the engraving of your wedding vows. Make that beautiful coffee mug your beautiful canvas for a message they’ll never forget.

3. Custom Slate Coasters

One great choice for Christmas gifts are slate coasters. Slate coasters are one of a kind because of how they look and how their design works.

For starters, slate is a fine-grain, metamorphic rock. It comes from either clay or volcanic ash, which makes it look like obsidian but less dark. Slate is popular for its durability and how the material looks like when you have it.

Slate is dark in color, very sleek in both style and shape, and is ultra-shiny. It can endure high and low temperatures, making it look and feel awesome to have.

Personalized slate coasters work with any beverage. Whether the person you give it loves their cold beverages or they rather enjoy hot drinks, this is it. A slate coaster will look beautiful.

If you want some variety, slate can also come in different colors. The default color for slate is black, but you also have a choice between other color options. This includes different shades of grey, purple, cyan, green and paler levels of black.

Slate can be a great pick for anyone who wants to have something nice and weird for their home. It’s simple, earthy and a perfect choice for anyone who likes to have a drink every now and then. They’re great for mugs, mason jars, beer steins or even wine glasses.

4. Personalized Glasses

The holidays are never complete for adults without some good alcohol. Different people prefer different types of alcoholic beverages. This means they want different containers for their alcohol too.

Personalized glasses are among the best picks for people who like different types of beverages. If you want, give the people you care about a specific type of glass they want. These customizable glasses include:

  • Beer mugs and steins
  • Pilsner drink glasses
  • Tequila shot glasses
  • Short whiskey glasses
  • Beer pint glasses
  • Stemmed and stemless wine glasses
  • Champagne glasses and flutes

Every alcohol glass can undergo personalization according to your needs. You can pick any design that you want or any style that the people you love would enjoy.

Since it’s Christmas, you can greet them with a nice “Merry Christmas” message. Add some poinsettia and other holiday designs. You can greet them Happy Hanukkah or even Happy Holidays – you pick.

A great way to design personalized glasses is to add the receiver’s name or their initials. Design it like a logo to create something like a personal branding for them. You can do whatever style you want – from crisp to flamboyant.

Pick from a variety of designs, colors, and sizes to choose from. Make it classy or make it sexy. A personalized beverage glass from you this Christmas is something people would love.

5. Inspirational Family Crosses

Some Christian families look at Christmas and try to remind themselves of the birth of Jesus Christ. For religious folks, Christmas time is a time of remembering the birth of Jesus. It’s a time of happiness and a remembrance of his name.

If you’re giving gifts to Christian families, a great way to remind them of the good word is an engraved cross. Add a level of personalization by using beautiful, tasteful engraving on the cross itself.

The gift of the cross is one of the most emblematic gifts you can give. Give it together with other gifts as a way of blessing the humble abode of the person who receives it. You can pick from available materials, sizes, colors, and even the message on it.

If you’re giving the cross as a gift, it’s best to solemnify it instead. Make the message simple, religious or even classy. Put the family’s name and their favorite bible quote on the cross to bless their home for the holidays.

It’s a great way to show that you respect them and how they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

6. Personalized Coffee and Wine Tumblers

Sometimes, glass beverage holders can be a problem. For some people, glass is heavy and can break. It’s not portable enough for their use and they can’t even bring it out for use in their offices.

When this happens, the best solution during the Christmas season is a personalized tumbler. Custom tumblers are a great way for people to get their drinks on the go. Whether if it’s for your coffee or it’s for your wine, a custom tumbler is a solid pick.

What makes a tumbler great as a gift is the sheer usefulness of the item. You can use it for hot or cold drinks and many tumblers have good insulation. They can keep your hot drinks hot and cold drinks chilly for quite some time.

You also won’t need to worry too that they burn their hands because tumblers have plastic shells. This prevents the heat from going to the outside area of the cup itself. They’re ultra-durable and children can even use them because of their lightweight.

Many tumblers are stylish too. With the right personalized message, you can give them a sleek look. All you need is a nice looking font and pick the message you put on the tumbler itself.

Put their initials on it using a saucy cursive. Put their name on the tumbler so they know it’s all theirs. Put a joke or an inspirational quote so you can get a nice, hearty laugh.

7. Personalized Drink Flasks

For people who love to have a sip of their favorite beverage on the go, flasks are a great choice. Personalized flasks are super cool and almost anyone who likes a drink can appreciate one. Many flasks come in stainless steel and will have specialized designs that look cool.

Custom flasks are practical and easy to carry, even for ladies. Men can have a flask sitting on their belt buckles, while the ladies can have one in their purses. They’re small enough to fit anywhere but large enough to carry a good amount of refreshments.

Personalized flasks are awesome eyecatchers during Christmas. Give a few to your colleagues at work and add their names to it. Give some to your family and friends and add a nice Christmas message on one side.

Flasks are classy items that any adult will appreciate. Even people who don’t drink alcohol will enjoy these as emergency water bottles. If someone needs a sip of liquid for their medication, flasks are a good choice.

Add vintage designs. Add your company logo and give them away as gifts during Christmas parties. Put their name on it and we’re sure they would love the gift.

8. Custom Wooden Signs

One of the most gorgeous gifts you can give somebody for Christmas is a wooden sign. Signs made of wood and personalized to fit the receiver’s taste are something everyone appreciates. Have them hang up your gift in their home and show off the gift every time.

Wooden signs are the best canvas for you to express yourself while adding some pizzazz to a room. An empty wall can be drab, but putting a custom wooden sign on it says a lot about the owner. You can put whatever you want and it will look good.

Write down the name of the family or the couple. Put an inspiration word or quote to remind them what they are all about. Put something romantic or upbeat, like a Christmas cheer on it.

Personalized wooden signs are not only for decoration at home. You can also put up useful information that the owner can use. Put it on the door, on a wall or even your porch.

A custom wooden sign is excellent for its exquisite beauty. Wooden signs are a great pick to give away this Christmas season.

Go The Extra Mile This Holiday Season

Christmas is all about generosity – the gift of giving, receiving and sharing with each other. The holiday season is around the corner so if you’re still looking for gifts, show that you care. Use personalized gifts as a way for you to tell them you care.

If you’re looking for the best personalized gift items, we’re here to help. Personalized By Kate has everything you need to make that gift extra special. Get in touch now and pick from our wide variety of trinkets and baubles that we know everyone would enjoy.

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