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WorkMonger Successfully Places More Than 100 Hires With A Continued Focus On Diversity


AUSTIN, TX, June 15, 2021 –Leading education executive search firm and recruiting platform WorkMonger has successfully placed more than 100 hires, with over 50% of those placements being candidates of color. The recent milestone reflects WorkMonger’s dedication to diversifying leadership talent within the education sector.

Facilitated by the platform’s ability to leverage the power of technology and data to streamline the hiring process for non-teaching positions, WorkMonger gives education recruiters a cutting-edge resource to address their hiring needs. The company’s unique capacity to match organizations with talent that reflects each community is made possible by the power of the company’s proprietary algorithms and deep sector expertise.

“Diversity is at the forefront of everything we do here at WorkMonger,” noted John Troy, Founder and CEO. “We believe in the power of people to transform the world, and by diversifying the leadership responsible for educating our nation’s children, we’re able to ensure the leaders driving this change deeply connect with the communities that they serve and bring new perspectives and approaches to the table.”

At the center of the hiring platform’s ethos is organizational alignment. By employing a holistic approach when matching candidates, WorkMonger takes the time to understand each organization and what makes them unique. When organizations partner with WorkMonger for hiring support, they can expect the high-touch customer experience that WorkMonger is known for and candidates that align effectively with their organization’s values.

A push for equity also drives the platform. WorkMonger believes that all children deserve access to an excellent and equitable education that will help prepare them for future success. When diverse and qualified talent reflects all students, particularly students of color, opportunities for these students become more inclusive and gain momentum.

WorkMonger’s diverse network of talent is just one of several unique elements that make the hiring platform stand apart from the rest. In addition to the many benefits provided by the company’s algorithm-enabled K-12 recruiting services, the platform for employers is also fast, user-friendly, and affordable.

About WorkMonger: WorkMonger is the leading hiring service and platform dedicated to serving the unique needs of the education sector by matching expert non-teaching talent with impact-driven organizations. WorkMonger’s mission is to ensure every student has access to excellent public education, achieved through a streamlined hiring process that leverages technology, data, and deep sector expertise. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the professionals at WorkMonger serve education organizations nationally with an affordable suite of full-service recruiting services that can be customized to meet any organization’s needs and budget. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of children across the United States.

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