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Are There Any Negative Side Effects of Henna?

Did you know that the tradition of henna tattoos goes back around 5,000 years? The ancient Egyptians were the first to use the henna plant for tattoos, but it has been used in India, Pakistan, Africa, and elsewhere too.

Henna is not only an ancient tradition but it’s also a beautiful art form. If you’ve never used henna before, then you might be skeptical about it.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Is henna safe to use? Keep reading to learn all about henna and whether it’s safe or not.

Possible Adverse Reactions

In general, henna is safe to use, but some people can experience adverse side effects. Some of these side effects include loss of pigmentation in the skin, leaking or raised lesions, blisters, or extra sensitivity to sunlight.

Are you still asking yourself, “Are henna tattoos safe?”

The best way to know if henna is right for you is by doing a patch test. You can do this by putting a tiny amount of henna on your skin. After waiting 15 minutes, if you don’t see any redness or rash once you wipe it off, then you should feel confident using your Henna Tattoo Kit.

You should remember that a natural henna product will often have henna powder, citric acid, sodium citrate, glycerin, water, and other ingredients.

Henna Hair Products

Aside from the henna plant being used for beautiful tattoos, it can also be used to dye your hair. Henna usually gives hair a reddish-orange hue, but the exact results depend on the original color of your hair.

You might be wondering, “Is henna safe for hair?”

It’s important to be thorough by reading the list of ingredients in any henna hair product. To be safe, it’s best to avoid products that have color additives or p-phenylenediamine. Even if you’re getting your hair dyed with henna by a professional, you should still ask them about the list of ingredients.

Sensitivity in Children

If you have children who want to use henna, then you’re probably asking yourself, “Is henna safe for skin?”

In general, children can be extra-sensitive to the effects of henna. This doesn’t mean that a child can’t use henna at all. Rather, it’s best to be safe and perform the patch test to see if there is any adverse reaction.

However, if your child has a glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, then they should not use henna at all. With that health condition, henna can cause hemolysis, which is a life-threatening health complication in which blood cells rupture.

Is Henna Safe to Use?

Has a friend ever asked you, “Is henna safe to use?” Now that you’ve learned all about henna and whether or not it’s safe, you can give them an informed answer. Henna is a great way to look beautiful without having artwork on your body that’s permanent.

There are many more ways you can feel confident and gorgeous. To stay up to date on everything related to fashion and beauty products, click around and read some of our other articles. 

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