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New Construction Safety Product Prevents Impalement Injuries


Temecula, CA, April 29, 2021J-CAT Safety Products, Inc., a California-based company, has developed the J-CAP. This industry-first product is designed to prevent accidents caused by exposed brackets, flat metal forming stakes, and strap-tie holdowns. The device is the ONLY OSHA-approved product for the application.

The J-CAP’s goal is impalement prevention and aims to mitigate impalement injuries on job sites. The industry’s previous best practice was custom-made wood boxes, placing non-OSHA-approved plastic flower pots or common buckets over the exposed brackets. While this provides a marginal benefit for a tripping hazard, it does nothing to prevent injuries in the case of a fall.

Specifically, the J-CAP satisfies the OSHA mandate 1926.701(b) that states “Reinforcing steel. All protruding reinforcing steel, onto and into which employees could fall, shall be guarded to eliminate the hazard of impalement.”

Attendees of the World of Concrete tradeshow can come by booth N3142 and see the new device in person and even witness live demonstrations.

“We’re excited to offer a solution to the industry that prevents someone from getting seriously hurt. It was a simple, yet deceptively difficult problem to solve, but we did it,” says J-CAT CEO Peter J. Pulizzi.

When asked what’s next for the company, Pulizzi responds “We’re looking for relationships with distributors that share our vision and want to offer their customers a new level of safety. Also, it’s required by OSHA, so we can keep their customers out of regulatory trouble.”

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