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The Law Of Threes: Design Your Wedding Invitations with confidence

Not a designer, but want to personalize your wedding invitations?

We understand! It’s hard to resist the temptation to create something from scratch that speaks directly to who you and your beloved are. When designing anything from scratch, one tip we’ve found exceptionally useful is the rule of threes.

What does this mean?

Well if one is the loneliest number, then two is a match made in heaven. Three’s a crowd, and four is simply undoable. What are we referring to here? The number of things most people can focus on in any given moment!

First, let’s make a test…

Here’s a quick mental test for you. Look at the three invitations below and honestly ask yourself, which is the best option, and which is the worst? Don’t worry about the why at the moment. Just determine which one seems the most refined, and which the least.

What did you find?

If you find yourself wondering what, if anything, is the real difference between the three options, you’re in good company. What’s the pattern?

If you’re particularly savvy, you may have noticed that the first invitation makes use of two fonts. The second makes use of three fonts. And the third and last invitation uses four fonts. If you’ve correctly ascertained that the first invitation sits easier than the last invitation, congratulations! You’ve just found the law of threes!

Let’s try this again…

Using the same fonts across the board, but adding an extra color to the mix from left to right, we can easily perceive the same law at work. Where shades of dark blue and pink include black, then light blue, there is a noticeable degradation in the quality of the invitation.

why are threes so appealing?

Simply put, it’s biological. For whatever reason – fate, evolution, destiny – our brains are wired to easily grasp visual elements up to three. Anything below that is perfectly fine, but as soon as we get above three elements, we’re in hot water. We can’t seem to find the same level of harmony that we do with a lesser amount of complexity.

If you’re wondering how often this rule is adhered to, whether consciously or not, just consider the logo of every successful business you know.

The GAP is two colors, dark blue and white, with one font.

Pepsi is three colors, one font.

Target is two colors, one font.

You get the idea. Professionals never add too much complexity to their designs, because they realize complexity doesn’t equal quality.

Great! What does this have to do with me?

You don’t have to be a designer to create an excellent wedding invitation. All you have to do is keep it simple! Play to your strengths. If designing custom roses with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator isn’t your thing, then focus on one image, one message, one font, and a few complimentary colors.

Believe in yourself and your wedding, and you’re bound to center on something that delivers the meaning you want it to. Just remember, elegance is in many ways the opposite of complexity. Simplicity will always be valued more than chaos. We know you can do this! Let us know if you have any questions :).


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