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Quality Conversion: Most Effective Way to Convert Files to PDF

If you perform any document exchange at work or school, you know how valuable the PDF format is to its users. It’s a marvel of the modern internet age due to its solid reliability.

PDF is a preference among many users due to its security and professionalism. It’s universal, so no matter which platform you are using your documents are safe and readable.

How do you save something as a PDF? There are dozens of PDF readers that you can download, but how do you convert a doc file to PDF? How about an RTF file?

If you want to know how to save something as a PDF, this is the right tutorial for you. We’ll teach you how to get your documents into the format you need.

Here’s how you do it:

How To Convert Wordpad To PDF

You may think that the MS Word is the default word processor for Windows, but you’re wrong. If you don’t have a Microsoft Office Suite with you, the next best thing is the Wordpad.

The Wordpad is one of the most basic word processors on the planet, except the Notepad. The software uses the outdated Rich Text Format or RTF. Many forego this software, especially niche writers who want to do the job faster.

If you are using this software, the question still stands. How to convert WordPad to PDF? Here’s how.

1. Use an Online PDF Converter

WordPad files cannot convert native to PDF. There are two ways on how to convert WordPad to PDF.

The first option is to use online conversion software. You can use it to perform the entire conversion.

Different websites perform the service online. All you need to do is upload your RTF document and follow the steps.

When running the conversion, a standard option is to either download the file to your computer or send it to your email. If you want are on a public workstation, it’s better to send it to yourself via email. If you are on a private device, download it straight up.

2. Download Standalone PDF Conversion Software

The second way on how do you save something as a PDF is to download applications to perform an offline conversion. Some plugins like PDF printers let you print and save your RTF file into a full PDF document.

There are also standalone software that does this job for you. Many standalone software for PDF conversion will handle many different file types. Read the developer notes to know which extensions they do support.

3. Code the PDF Conversion Yourself

Once you print the document for conversion, it’s vital to confirm that the entire file is working without any issues. Some plugins may show glitches and errors if the procedure is wrong.

If you want to build a converter from scratch with C#, there’s also a way to do that. Read more here to find out.

How To Convert Doc File To PDF

Among students and office workers, the question you will hear is how to convert doc file to PDF? Document files are ubiquitous due to the popularity of Microsoft Word. This makes performing the conversion a piece of cake than other file types.

1. Using Microsoft Word For PDF Conversion

How do you save something as PDF, say from MS Word? Fortunately, the steps will be the same, with some extra choices.

The online option is always available but there is a problem: malicious software like adware viruses. Not all online options are reliable and you’re opening yourself to malicious software.

On MS Word, you can convert a doc file on the local PC. To do so, write your content first and do all the edits you need. Once you’re ready, you can either save or print as PDF.

2. Saving File As PDF

To save as PDF, you would need to press the File Button on the top left corner of the window and choose Save As. Pick the destination that you want, together with the file name. 

To convert doc file to PDF, choose on the save as type and scroll. Look for the PDF option and select your preferred advanced settings for security and encoding. If you don’t know what they are, forego them and press save.

This method will convert doc file to PDF without a problem. Remember that PDF files are not possible to edit, so make sure your document is 100% ready once you convert. You can also choose to press the F12 or CTRL+S shortcut on Windows if you want to save.

3. Printing File As PDF

If you’re going to use the Print option, all you need to do is Choose File and Print. Pick the Microsoft PDF Printer and follow the steps.

Choose the File name and Save location, then press Print.

How To Open .Doc File To PDF In Mac

If you’re on a Mac, you have the option to use MS Word and follow the same steps listed above. If you don’t have a Microsoft Office Suite, the native way on how to open .doc file to PDF is to use Preview.

Preview is Macintosh’s native file reader, which reads anything from a jpg image file to PDF. It also lets you straight up convert your documents without added software.

All you need on how to open .doc file to PDF is to double click the file on Mac or “Open With” Preview. Once it loads, go to File and choose “Export as PDF”. Write the filename and destination for the file and Press Save.

Another way in Mac on how do you save something as a PDF is to click your file once. On the top menu bar, Choose File and pick Print.

On the popup window, choose the printer on the lower left corner near show details. Pick Save as PDF from the dropdown menu and select a save location. Press Save to complete the process.

Learn How To Save Something As A PDF

There’s nothing that can beat PDF regarding ubiquity, popularity, and security for your documents. Whether you’re using a Windows or a Mac, the PDF file is the gold standard for secure document formats.

Learning how to save something as a PDF is easy, as long as you follow the instructions. Are you ready to use what you know on your next time out?

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