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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

The idea behind affiliate marketing is simple. Promote a product or service to your others using a special link. Then receive a percentage of sales made using that link.

It works for the producers because their affiliate network promotes the product or service for them. It works for the affiliate because they earn money for sharing links.

It’s such a popular income model that the affiliate marketing niche looks set to reach $6.8 billion by 2020.

You want a slice of that pie. But where do you start? Read on and our affiliate marketing training guide will explain it all.

Register As An Affiliate

Before you can share an affiliate link, you need to register with a network, or with specific providers. Amazon Associates is a great and easy way to get started.

With the Amazon program, you can create an affiliate link for any product on Amazon. Other networks are similar; create links for individual products within a single login.

You can also partner with e-commerce stores or online course providers. They may require you to display a banner ad in a blog sidebar or on a social media page as an affiliate.

Start Writing Reviews in a Niche

Setting up a blog to host reviews of products or services is the quickest way to get started with affiliate marketing. You could also post video reviews on Youtube or Instagram.

Create your reviews and promote them wherever you would find fellow users of those products. Include your affiliate link on the reviews.

You should inform readers that you’re an affiliate. But make it clear that the review is still your open and honest opinion.

Set up an email list and begin collecting emails of interested readers. It’ll help to bring like-minded people back to your site, making it easier to put your affiliate links in front of buyers.

Work on your SEO to ensure people find your reviews without you needing to share them. It’s the first step towards truly passive income.

The Writing and Promotion Is Part of your Affiliate Marketing Training

Choose a niche to make it easier for readers to find more similar content. For example, if you want to promote wireless headphones, then becoming an affiliate for gadgets or tech products makes sense.

It’ll make it easier to build a community as interested readers know to come to you. Pay attention to content marketing trends for extra success.

When you start off, you’ll spend a lot of time creating new content. You might end up asking yourself, “is wealthy affiliate worth it?”

It is. Because the more content you write, the more you have to promote. Readers are more likely to find you and your affiliate links.

Expand Your Efforts as Your Business Grows

This is just the start of your affiliate marketing training. You can experiment with hosting webinars, appearing on podcasts, or even advertising your review site as you begin earning money.

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