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The Latest Summer Jewelry Trends That Are Everywhere This Year

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Though you may initially think that expressing yourself through clothing is more important than accessorizing, don’t let yourself be fooled. While the apparel industry does grow by around 5% each year, the jewelry industry sees an annual growth rate of a whopping 9%!

When you think about it, this makes sense. Jewelry provides us with a way to express our taste, our likes, and ourselves on any occasion. It adds a much-needed personal touch to a professional persona or a first-date outfit.

You can’t underestimate the importance of a good accessory, which is why we’re going to look into some summer jewelry trends for 2020 today. Read on to learn some of the best ways that you can express yourself this season!

Subtle or Statement?

One of the first questions you’re probably asking yourself when choosing 2020 summer jewelry is whether you should go with small and subtle pieces or whether large statement necklaces are more in style.

The answer to this question is that both are en vogue!

Subtle pieces such as small charm necklaces, ribbon bracelets, and little silver stud earrings go well with louder outfits. They serve to draw the out print or style of a cute blouse of maxi dress without eclipsing the uniqueness of the apparel. These pieces are intended to add a small bit of flair that draws the outfit together and makes it a more cohesive look.

On the other hand, statement necklaces that lay across your entire neck and upper chest are intended to be the focal point of an outfit. The clothes you wear should be simple so that they draw out the piece. You’ll want to structure your attire around the necklace, not the other way around!

Charm Bracelets and Necklaces

If you’re like most 80s or 90s kids, you probably had a lot of charm jewelry when you were a kid. Well, these nostalgic pieces are coming back with an adult twist!

You can get a thin chain made from silver or rose gold and adjust it to be any length that you like. This means that your charm can fall at the place that it will most stand out. If you’re wearing a v-cut blouse, for example, you’ll want the charm to fall right above your neckline. On the other hand, a low-cut power-suit jacket might look best with a longer charm necklace.

Charm bracelets are another option for women who like having something around their wrists. No matter what you decide, make sure that you choose a charm that means something to you. This can be anything from a first initial (think Regina George’s classic ‘R’) to a teacup that symbolizes your love for this delicious beverage.

Spherical Orbs

Charm jewelry possibilities are limitless, but spherical charms stand out in summer 2020 as a current trend. Whether you want a sphere made from metal or a favorite gemstone, you can purchase perfect orblike charms and loop them around your neck or wrist.

Orbs also make for good earrings, both as studs and dangling styles. You can get these spheres dangling on thin chains from your earlobes and wear them in conjunction with other spherical jewelry. These balls can be any size that you like- you can even go for asymmetrical ones!

One awesome apparel idea is to pair these pieces with polka-dotted shirts and dresses. This creates a cohesive circular motif throughout your entire outfit and looks amazing.

Animal Motifs

Animal print clothes are in style this year, so what better way to complement your favorite dress or skirt than by wearing jewelry that has animal motifs?

If you have a kick-butt leopard-print jacket, then a necklace with a pawprint charm might be exactly what you need to draw it together. A tiger-striped bikini for your favorite beach day will look amazing with a tiger-charm anklet above your favorite sandals.

You can also wear animal-shaped charms with other types of apparel. If you love turtles, you might like to boast a necklace shaped like your favorite animal. Wearing this with an ocean-blue tank top is a great way to bring the beach with you when you hit the town.

Asymmetry 101

We brushed on the idea of asymmetry earlier, but we never got into how popular it is right now. Asymmetrical jewelry is literally everywhere this summer. Whether you want to wear a single earring or one earring stud and another hoop, there are tons of ways that you can integrate this trend into your accessories.

However, remember that at the bottom of all good asymmetry is, ironically, symmetry. A single arm lined with statement sterling silver bangles will look best when you wear one large silver earring on the opposite ear. Like with all things in fashion, asymmetry is all about balance!

Sterling Silver and Rose Gold

While yellow-gold has long been viewed as a status symbol, it’s not always the most attractive metal. Rose gold is a phenomenal alternative because of its beautiful and lustrous pink tinge. This tinge is brought to you as a result of copper alloys, which also maximize its durability.

Sterling silver jewelry also incorporates copper, though much less of it. This metal is made from 93.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper alloy, which gives it a higher level of durability than pure silver. It also gives it a bright shine that looks gorgeous against the backdrop of any outfit.

Both of these metals are all the rage in 2020, so make sure that you pick up pieces made from both of them! You may want to pair rose gold with warmer-colored outfits since the pinkish hue complements firey colors like yellow, red, and orange. Sterling silver, on the other hand, goes well with any and all dark colors as well as light blue.

Get Summer Jewelry Today

While there are a ton of different ways that you can express yourself through fashion, jewelry is one of the most important. Wearing it spices up any outfit and adds a bit of extra personal flair to your style.

Now that you know some of 2020’s best summer jewelry trends, it’s time to do a little more digging. Check out the ‘celebrities’ tab on our home page to see what accessories your favorite celebs are wearing. Emulating them is one awesome way to make sure that you’re on top of 2020’s latest trends, so what are you waiting for? Start clicking!

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